Ways to Change Your Life for the Better

How to make quick changes in your life….for the better


This article will highlight some common traits that negative people use to help them stay negative. If you comply with any of these common pitfalls you can make a change by following the links below


  • Stop Jumping negative people will always jump to conclusions in every situation, they often assume they know what is going to happen and often have no evidence to back this up. This often leads people to think that everyone is out to get them as they take everything someone says or does as a negative against them. People who jump to conclusions will often not live their life by trying new things as they conclude that they will not have a good time, again this thought is never backed up with evidence.
  • Mountains out of molehills negative people will often make mountains out of molehills; by taking small set backs as a big barrier to their goal. Compare this to positive people who take every set back as an opportunity to learn;Edison took 1000 attempts to invent the light bulb, if he gave up we would all be sat in darkness.
  • Making it personal do you believe that they are taking about you? When troubled by low self esteem many people will truly believe that friends and colleagues are talking about them and that this conversation is negative. In truth most people have better things to talk about, so don’t take every look, and conversation as an excuse to feel down – it’s not always about you and when it is how do you know its not a positive conversation?
  • Living in the past for many of us we have had a troubled past, this could be being bullied as a child at school or having to struggle through poverty. All your experiences have built the person you are, if you have had a troubled past you need to use this experience to motivate you to have a better future, remember the more you think about negative instances the more negative you will feel.


Time to make a change


If you struggle with low confidence, low self esteem or a lack of happiness you need to make some real changes. Life is about living and you need to live your life. If you live your life in the past remembering negative past events, or you make mountains out of molehills, taking everything personal or maybe you always jump to the wrong conclusions?


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