What to talk about with your life coach

What to talk about with your life coach


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A life coach does not tell you how to live your life. At least, a good one doesn’t. Instead, a life coach facilitates the process of self-improvement. They help you brainstorm goals to set and ways to achieve them. For this reason, you have to be prepared to actually communicate with your life coach in order to get the results you are looking for.

Themes to Discuss

You are on the phone or in the room with your life coach. It is time to break the ice and start getting things done. Here are some of the things that you might want to talk about in order to get moving.

The Goal – What are you trying to achieve by hiring a life coach? You better make sure they know all about it. You can set any type of goal you like. It might be an emotional goal such as feeling better about yourself and learning to enjoy the now. It can also be something much more tangible such as getting a promotion or starting a business. It could also have to do with your relationships, or anything else you’d like to work toward.

The Obstacles – Some people are less goal-oriented, and more aware of the things in their life that they want to get rid of. It’s important to set a goal at some point, but if you don’t quite know where to start you can begin by assessing the things in your life that you consider to be problematic. A good life coach will be able to help you rephrase the problems as goals and take on a more positive mindset.

The Fork in the Road – As much as we’d like to be able to accomplish an unlimited amount of everything, the real world presents trade-offs. To excel in one area you will most likely need to settle for less in other areas. A life coach can help you settle dilemmas such as this. “Should I do this or should I do that,” type questions are some of the most difficult to answer alone. A good life coach will help you weigh the pros and cons at each fork in the road so that you can decide which path you really want to take.

The Shift – Every once in a while something changes inside of us that causes us to perceive the world in an entirely different way. The things that used to motivate us no longer do. They have been replaced by new motives that seem more relevant. Shifts such as these are usually perceived as positive life changes, but they can have negative consequences as well. You may resent the fact that you have been “wasting your time,” or you might have trouble letting go of old ways of thinking or old friends that no longer fit your worldview. Talking about shifts such as this with your life coach can help relieve some of these problems, and come up with new solutions.

Your Emotions – Even if your goals are more tangible than emotional, it is a good idea to tell your life coach about the feelings going on inside your head. It’s a bad idea to hold these things in, even if they are negative. There is a difference between thinking positively and burying negativity. Negative emotions need to be brought out and analyzed so that they can be dealt with. Pretending to be positive never solved anything.

Your Ideas – It’s not your job to let the life coach come up with all of the ideas for you. Anytime you have an idea, no matter how strange or odd it might sound, you should share it with your life coach. Perhaps most of your ideas won’t turn out to be all that helpful, but if you never share any of them you will end up burying the golden ones.

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