Whats Your Misson?

What’s Your Mission?


You can use your findings from the scaling questions (and other previous exercises) to write your own mission statement. A mission statement is a short paragraph stating a clear summary of all you want to do and achieve in life both long and short term.

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Many companies use mission statements for their employees, to give employees (especially when the employer has several working venues) a company purpose and to make a commitment – it wasn’t long ago when Subway use to hand out napkins stating how they would have 10,000 stores by 2001 – they now have more outlets then McDonalds


By recording your mission statement – writing it down on paper and keeping it where you can look at it every day, will work as a motivation tool.


What do you value?

How do you want to live your life?

Why do you value these thing and why do you want to live your life this way?

What are your short and long term goals?


Remember a mission statement is a summary of what matters to you, what you value; it has to be realistic and achievable.




“Every week I will make time for myself and spend at least one day doing selfish and relaxing activities. I value my career and my goal is to gain a promotion within 2 years I will do this by asking to take on new projects outside my comfort zone as previously I was too scared to ask for new responsibilities. I am now a confident person and each day I will remind myself of the unique skills I possess. “


Your Mission Statement


How good do you feel now you have written your very own mission statement, feels good doesn’t it? Cut out your mission statement and read it every day (ideally in front of a mirror), you will see the difference it makes within a couple of weeks.

Just before we finish, I wanted to ask, what would it be like if you didn’t live your life as you want to, as it says on your mission statement? People often live the life they don’t want, thinking that they cannot make the changes they want, you already know that is not true, as you have already made some unbelievable and positive decisions and changes which means you can make more changes, living the life you want.


What is your biggest change to date? Write it down here: _____________________________________________________________


Not every day will be perfect, and that’s good, the bad days will help you appreciate the good days and I would add the important point here is to ensure you have more good days then bad, remember tomorrow never comes – live your life today, it is you who has to decide to make these changes. It you who needs to make the commitment.


Read you mission statement now, what can you do right now to live your mission statement? See yourself doing that now, what does it look like? What can you hear? How does it feel? This is your life, you make the choices.
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