Workplace Stress Is Increasing The Demand For Life Coaches

Workplace Stress Is Increasing The Demand For Life Coaches 


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Over the last 10 years self-made millionaires has increased by 9.2% with the number of start up businesses rising by 34%. The internet, advances in technology and a rise in consumer demand has made it easy for the entrepreneur to become a business success.


Life coaching is becoming mainstream in many western countries with businesses funding coaches to increase efficiently with their employees. A recent survey found that 80% of workers feel stressed in work and nearly half of these say they need help to learn how to manage workplace stress.


Workplace stress is costly. In the US alone it is estimated that around $200 billion is spent on stress related workplace issues including a rise in staff absences and sick days, staff turnover, recruitment and medical insurance.



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Life coaching came to popularity to help self funding individuals reduce stress, become more confident and to achieve their goals. More coaches are moving into the business sector being hired as consultants, trainers and personal coaches. Business leaders are seeing the benefits of personal coaching from an impartial source. “Employees are more likely to open up” says Chris Delaney a confidence and career coach “to an external coach who has no obligations to the company.”


Prior to businesses sourcing life coaching sessions for employees, HR departments and line managers would use appraisal sessions to motivate staff. “Employees would be reluctant to fully open up in theses session, rarely discussing the issue of stress as they would believe that this would impact on their ability to gain a promotion or would effect redundancy processes.” explains Delaney



There is a big demand for business and life coaches with many coaches working on a global basis through Skype and Google hangouts. A coaching business has little overheads and coaches can earn anything from $80 – $500 per session making a coaching business a potential goldmine.


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