You thought you had it bad…my worst day ever

You thought you had it bad…My Worst Day Ever



So many people feel depressed, they feel the world is out to get them, often saying “I have nothing to live for” and generally have learnt helplessness. But you have got it good! When you next feel down, when you next get the blues and when you next think you have it really bad, take a look at these 10 people and their worst day ever, it will make your life seem amazing in comparison.


10 Worst Days Ever That Will Make You Feel Good About Your Day.

1. My Worst Day Ever When I Was Raped by a Dolphin



At the top of everyone’s “a 100 things to do before I die” list is to swim with dolphins. But these intelligent creatures are far cleverer then we thought, as they are keen to be the first species on planet earth to combine human and dolphin DNA to create a real life mermaid. Every year dolphins rape around 14 people from across the world, so next time you’re swimming in the sea and you hear the the splash of a dolphin as it approaches you, blowing flirtatious bubbles as it swims towards you, pull out your pepper spray and swim for your life.


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2. My Worst Day Ever When I Was Drowned by Chocolate  



There might not have been any Umpa Lumpa’s, but the story of Vincent Smith II an employee at the Cocoa Services Inc, sounds as if it is one of story lines from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. After loading massive chunks of raw chocolate into a hot chocolate melting tank, Vincent fell in like Augustus Gloop, the character who fell into a chocolate river in Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, Augustus was fortunate enough to be saved by the Umpa Lumpas, Vincent’s future was a little bleaker. After 10 minutes of being swivelled around the chocolate churning machine, Vincent was pronounced dead – death by chocolate.



3. My Worst Day Ever When I was Locked Out of My House, Completely Naked and then Charged with Animal Cruelty



An unnamed Philadelphian man had 3 strokes of bad luck in one day; first he locked himself out of his house – embarrassing enough. Secondly embarassment was that he did this while naked (and it was a pretty cold day), and thirdly when the police come to assist him, the naked man with no way of re-entering his house didn’t want their help!  Any police officer wanting to help a naked man locked out of his house would consider a refusal strange. The reason became apparent pretty soon as the police broke in to the house only to find over 25 mistreated animals in the naked man’s home including a dead alligator, which raised the question why was the man naked in the first place?


4. My Worst Day Ever When I Became a Guinness Record Breaker



For many, being a Guinness world record holder would be an amazing achievement unless you’re Roy Cleveland who gained fame by becoming a Guinness recorder breaker for the person most struck by lightening. Roy Cleveland Sullivan was struck by lightening 7 times between 1942 and 1977, the human Lightening Rod as he is now known, was not only hit by lightening for the last time in 1977 but once, after a bolt of lightening struck him had to then fight of a wild bear who was trying to steal his recently caught trout!


5. My Worst Day Ever When Doctors Amputate my Leg for No Reason


Michelle Richards, had a nightmare day at hospital, doctors diagnosed a rare bone infection called osteomyeltitis – what a pain in the leg! Doctors quickly explained the only way to stop the life-threatening infection spreading was to have the limb amputated immediately. After a quick operation the amputated bone was examined and doctors to their disbelief found no evidence of any disease, but it was OK in the end as Doctors said apologised for their mistake -knowing that the hopping mad Michelle wouldn’t be able to catch them.


6. My Worst Day Ever When I Was Arrested for the Forth Time


A New York man was arrested again for the fourth time, but Mr Cruise has never committed a crime. The wrongly accused man continues to get arrested as he shares the same name and date of birth with a notorious drug dealer, also from New York. He must really be annoyed to have been arrested again for the forth time or really happy as his lie worked again for the forth time in a row, these NY police will believe anything…”Ow it’s erm…not me..erm I just have the same name…as the erm..drug dealer..have you checked next door?”




7. My Worst Day Ever When a Shark Bit My Leg Off


Imagine this scene, a beautiful warm day, golden sands and a sky blue sea, excitedly you grad your recently waxed surf board and run in to the cool sea. With the salty sea air spraying gently in your face, you catch a couple of waves, after a while you swim out again not knowing there’s a hungry shark waiting to take a chunk out of your leg and no Steven Spielberg to shout “That’s a wrap”. Surfer Zac, after having his leg bitten off by a massive shark while out surfing, said “I miss feeling the grass between my toes and simple things like breaking into a run or getting out of bed and going to the toilet” What’s the worst thing about having a leg bitten off by a vicious shark? No not the horrid pain, no not a life long fear of sharks, but the thought of hopping to the toilet for a pee.



8. My Worst Day Ever When I was Ran Over Twice in One Day



Imagine being ran over by a speeding car, only to think “I survived! How lucky am I?” Seconds later a second car travelling in the opposite direction runs over you as well – so not so lucky really! A teenager was ran over twice in one day, good news though the fire service have suggested that parents need to ensure their kids wear bright clothes when walking on the road – clever. We recommend that you don’t walk on a busy road, to look before crossing any busy road or use the expensive but very practical traffic light system that is situated near by.



9. My Worst Day Ever When I Was Stabbed, Robbed at Gunpoint, Locked in a Taxi Boot, Bitten by Two Snakes at the same time and Struck by Lightning while on the Phone

Is this 47 yr old really unlucky or just a big fat liar? He recently woke up in hospital surround by nurses and doctors only able to remember the last few minutes before he passed out after leaning over a metal sink during a thunder storm! What an idiot! With a new hole burnt into the back of his neck he tells the nurses his other misfortunes; being robbed at gunpoint while driving his taxi and getting locked in the boot by the robbers, suffering injuries after being stabbed in the chest with a butcher’s knife in 2008, and more recently in 2009 and finally claiming to be bitten by two snakes at the same time. Doctors and nurses who have seen it all couldn’t decide if he was the world’s unluckiest man or just a big liar.



10. My Worst Day Ever When I Found a Chicken Head in my McDonalds Happy Meal


An American mother wanted to treat her two daughters to a McDonald’s happy meal, after ordering the children a chicken nugget happy meal and a hamburger for herself she was disappointed that the children had no intention of eating the newly bought happy meal. The mother keen not to let food go to waste decided to scoff the lot herself and stuck her hand into the nugget box, absent mindedly she selected a nugget, then was interupted by her horrified  children. She noticed the chicken nugget she had in her hand was in fact a deep friend chicken’s head.



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