3 Unstoppable Tips for a Covering Letter

3 Unstoppable Tips for a Covering Letter.


We all talk about having a targeted CV, gaining Job Interviews and Passing your first week at work, but many of us underestimate the importance of a Covering Letter. Every CV and Job Application Form needs to be sent with an accompanying Covering Letter, as our research has shown that 50% of employers wont even read a CV/Application Form sent without that all important Covering Letter.

To help you write a Covering Letter we have record 3 unstoppable tips for cover letter or you can use a Cover Letter Template – make it easy for yourself.

Wearing Your School Tie                                                

The most common mistake is made by addressing the cover letter to “whom it may concern” You will agree that you need the employer to feel associated to you, which means you need to make a connection and I would add once you have a connection you are more likely to gain a job interview offer.

Humans don’t like “new people” (animals protecting their territory) so you need the employer to find a reason to want to meet you (at the interview) research has shown that people can be influenced by similarities, even something as small as having the same name or coming from the same town (the old school tie routine) will unconsciously make someone more agreeable and you more likable.

The first way to make a connection is by addressing the letter to a named person and I would add the easiest way to gain a name is to telephone the company as ask for it.

Have a Chat                                             

The best tip is to keep the cover letter conversational, show your personality while at the same time highlighting your transferable skills needed by the employer.

As the employer reads your covering letter and application, they start to create a picture of you which is often distorted; the language you use on your covering letter will either create a positive or negative image of you.

A little cheat is to re-read the job advert, visit the company website and the job specification and copy the language your new employer uses.

Have they talked about “solving problems, fixing things and getting away from X?” or have they discussed “Achieving goals, meeting targets and having a positive future” You can use Away From or Towards Motivational Language to speak the employer’s language – hitting their motivational buttons.

The Only Time You Get To Brag

We often shy away from bragging about ourselves, don’t we? Well most of us do.

You need the employer to know how good you are, why should they employee you and what you can offer that other employees cannot.  If you don’t brag, they won’t know! The important factor here, is it’s not about how much you brag about yourself, it’s about what skills, qualities and experience you brag about, which means you need to know what skills, qualities and experiences the employer feels are their essential criteria for the position you are applying for? Record all these in your covering letter and application.

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