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Our research has shown that some employers don’t even read your CV if you application is not sent with a covering letter. Many people write good CVs only to let their application down by not targeting the covering letter to the position they are applying for.

As part of our CV Writing Service and CV Template Pack we give away a Covering Letter Template Pack, with:

  • 4 Cover Letter Templates
  • 12 Opening Lines
  • 16 Evidence Paragraphs
  • 6 Personalise your Letter Paragraphs
  • 11 Closing Statements

To help you gain more job interviews from your application we have attached a FREE Cover Letter Template for you to instantly download.

Remember many employers will not even consider your job application with out a covering letter, the covering letter is designed to intrigue the employer and to summarise your key selling points, your skills, qualities and experiences.

Download your Covering Letter Template Today:

Cover Letter Template

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