How to Write a Covering Letter 8 Quick Tips

Why do some job hunters with a good CV never gain interviews? Often it is because the job hunters do not follow the instructions on the job advert “send a CV and Covering Letter” employers often feel if you cant follow simple instructions on the job advert, how will you be able to follow the instructions (job procedures) when employed.

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Employment King recently asked a number of employers “how often do you read covering letters” – we were given a mixed result of answer with one common theme, most of the employers said regardless if they read the covering letter or not, applicants who send a CV without a covering letter will not be offered an interview. Some employers also said they only read the covering letter and not the CV!

Play it safe always send a covering letter with every job application, even when applying by application form or speculative letter.

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How to write a covering letter – 8 quick tips:


1. Keep the covering letter on one page, use the same text font and size as the text on your CV

2. Put your address on the top right hand side of the page and the company address below your address but on the left hand side of the page

3. Date the covering letter on the right hand side of the page – this is to stop your covering letter looking like a template

4. Start  by addressing the letter to a named person such as the company manager

5. The first main paragraph should record the job you are applying for and where you seen the job advertisement

6. Follow this by writing a paragraph (or bullet point) stating the reasons why you should be interviewed, what skills and qualities you can offer the employer – this should sell your key strengths

7. Next, you need to personalise the covering letter and record a small paragraph about the company you are applying to. Employers like it when you know a little about their history, as it shows you are interested in the company as well as the position

8. Finish by thanking the employer for taking the time to read the application and sign and print your name

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