Can You Use White Lies on a CV?

Can You Lie on Your CV?


First a WARNING, white lies are fine, but be careful as employers have a legal right to dismiss employees who lie on their applications/resumes. But we all make white lies, and a tweak here and there on your resume can be the difference between you receiving that all important interview offer or not.


The Job Title Killer? Companies are very creative with their job titles; the problem here is that one business may use a term (or job title) that another doesn’t. When applying for a new position, you may record the job title used in your current job that might be misunderstood by the new employer. Remember many employers will initial skim through your resume, checking if you have the relevant experience, if they wrongly believe that your creative job title is a different job to the one you are applying for, you may be quickly dismiss from the interview list. Examples of this are “Planner” or “Landscape Architect” “janitor” or “Sanitation Engineer”

Close the Gap. Delete the months and only leave the years in your employment history section as this deletes any short periods of unemployment. Employers will just presume you haven’t been unemployed.

Words Have Power. The words you hear have different representations, even though the word itself has the same meaning. In the Resume you need to use power words, as power words will create the overall stronger impression, from the employer perspective. Which sentence sounds the best? “A good team player” or “an excellent team player” both sentences have the same meaning, but the second sentence sounds stronger by replacing one word. Go through your resume and edit the words, until you create the best overall impression.
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