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As you read this article, you are looking for a CV template, preparing yourself before starting your job searching or applying for a promotion. To gain more job interviews from your CV you need to add good CV content to your CV Template.

On average employers receive over 300 CVs for every advertised job and only spend around 30 seconds initially looking at each CV – Your CV needs to stand out visually and with good content

Job searchers often fail to receive interview offers, as they use a good CV template and then fill the CV with poor content. I agree, your CV has to look good visually and my experiences has proven that content is king when it comes to securing job interviews.

It’s not just about having a professional looking CV, it’s about gaining job interviews, how will you know what text to add to your CV to secure your next job interview?

As you already know, you can use a CV Writing Service and I agree these can be expensive, I would add, you do get what you pay for and if you are not happy with a CV a CV writing service has produced you should ask for your money back.

Many people, like yourself are happy to write their own CV, to help produce you a CV that will guarantee you job interviews; we have put together a CV Template Package, much more then just a few CV templates.

You need to quickly become a CV writing expert, able to write a “selling” Personal Profile and detailed Job Descriptions, which is short to direct, designed to intrigue the employer.

When you buy our CV Templates, today you will receive:

  • 6 CV Templates
  • 11 Personal Profile Templates
  • 89 Job Descriptions
  • 6 Hobbies and Interest Paragraphs
  • And a FREE extract from The Secrets of Employment E-Book on Your Personality and Career Choice


  • FREE BONUS A CV Hints and Tips Sheet
  •  2nd FREE Bonus A Free Covering Letter Template Pack
  • 3rd FREE Bonus A Free CV Writing Secrets E-Book

How would you like to create a winning CV in minutes, you have read this far, so I will share a little secret with you, the best person for the job does not always get offered an interview, because the person with the best CV always does.

Here’s what you do; order the CV Template Package, pick a CV template, choose a job profile that’s suits you and copy and paste it into the CV template.

Next pick out your previous job roles from the job descriptions and add these to the CV template. Under the Education heading on your new CV template, type in your previous education and qualifications and finally, add your own hobbies and interest from the attached paragraphs.

Imagine you could create a fantastic CV in minutes, how good would it feel, not having to spend hours struggling to decide how to word and design your CV? Now you have your new CV within minutes of receiving the CV Template Package, you can now spend a relaxing 5 minutes reading the job description and editing the CV with some targeted industry key words, creating an individual targeted CV.

I know this sound’s easy, the issue isn’t how much time you spend on your CV, it’s how good your CV is, will your CV guarantee you job interviews?

You can BUY the CV Template Package TODAY – Instant Download


How much are you happy to spend to get a job interview and a big pay rise?

Whatever expensive price popped into your head, erase it now; you can BUY all the templates, job descriptions, personal profiles and hobby paragraphs for just…


£2.99 – outrageous, I know, less then a pint of beer or a bottle of water!

 Buy Today and receive your Template Package within minutes – INSTANT DOWNLOAD

All Payments Taken by PayPal

  • Warning: Only £2.99 for a Limited Time Only (trail price only, price due to increase soon)

No questions asked, simply return the product within
60 days and we’ll refund your money in full

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