Does Your CV Secure You Job Interviews?

As a Careers Advisor Manager in a previous role, I have received and read hundreds of good and bad CV’s. Why is it that some CVs secure job interview while others secure a quick trip to the garbage bin?

This article is not about what you need to add to a CV, but how to make your CV stand out.

Attention Grabbing

This is common, but I will say it again, over 300 people can apply for every advertised job, even when the number of applicants is reduced to 200 or 100 hundred, employers will not read every CV in detail – Why? Because it takes up to much time, and “Time is Money”                                                   

The design of your CV needs to stand out and grab the employer’s attention. You will agree, it is easy to make a CV stand out, by using a hundred different colours and fonts. You will also agree, these over creative CVs will not secure you any job interviews. Many of you will agree and know that a CV needs to visually look good and be able to catch the employer’s eye.

Opening Line

Once you have a good CV design, you next need to think about the CV content. Employers will often look for reasons to “like” or “not like” your CV. To have your CV added to the “like” pile, add an attention grabbing opening line, as an example “Doubled profits in the first year of joining a declining company by…..add lots of reasons” For a sales position, you will agree this line will increase your chances of your CV being added to the “like” pile.

Avoid Common Phrases

We have already discussed this in previous articles, job hunters who continue to use common phrases, with the mis-belief, that if it works for others it will work for me, fail to secure job interviews. The secret is, these common words, worked in the 80’s not the 00’s. The common phrases used, do not secure job interview, you need to evidence your skills and qualities; Why are you a great communicator? How can you meet targets?  

Is a CV a Sales tool?

Yes, the CV is a sale tool. Your CV is in most cases the first impression the employer makes of you, your CV needs to say “out of the 300 applicants you will want to interview me” as with all sale strategies, you need to sell your strengths, your positives and what it is you have that others don’t?

The Employers Perceptive

One of the biggest mistakes made by other CV writers, is they don’t look at the CV from the employers perceptive. Read the job advert, research the website and investigate the employer. From this you will have a better idea of the employers perceptive, what is it they are looking for in an employee? What skills and qualities does the employer value above others? – You can find lot’s of clues in the job advertisement and on the company website. If you truly understand what the employer is looking for on a CV, and you posses the employers essential criteria, you will secure job interviews from every CV application, every time!

We hope this article helps you create a positive CV, if you need any support Employment King Offers a CV Writing Service and a Down-loadable CV Template Package for your use. Finally Good luck with both your job hunting and future career.

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