How to Write a Powerful CV – Don’t Tell Anyone Else!

Google “how to write a CV” or “what is a targeted CV” and you will find thousands of links, information and advice to help you write your own CV.  It’s not about how many articles you can find, but which articles offer you the best information; today you will learn how to write a powerful CV, how to word your CV to emotionally excite the employer and how certain CV words make a big difference.

The Internet is a great tool for finding advice on CV writing and CV writing services which means all your job hunting competitors have access to the same resources, it doesn’t matter what resources people find but what you do with this information, what action will you take today to improve your CV?

Why does your CV not gain you interviews? It’s too standard; we have already read articles on targeting a CV now you will learn how to “word” your CV and words make a big difference.  First start by using some excellent CV Templates, your CV has to sound positive and needs to be good visually.

Positive Word’s                                                                 

Let’s look at these examples, which examples impresses you the most?

“I am a good team player” or “I am an excellent team Player”

You can see how a little word makes you feel different; these two statements say the same thing, but one sound’s much better then the other.

“I try my best” or “I put a 100% into everything I do”

I can meet targets” or “Increasedcompany profits” Now these two sentences sound completely different, but mean the same thing (achieving targets increases profits) all you have to do is re-frame the first line into a new frame, making your CV even more powerful

I can come up with good ideas” or “highly creative and innovative”

After reading these few examples above you will notice how to quickly improve your CV, in a minute a will share an even bigger secret that will double your chances of gaining an interview offer from your CV application.

First, we have a little exercise for you, in the table below you will see a list of common CV words, all you need to do is re-write the word in a more positive way.

Common Word or Phrase

Positive Replacement

  • I work well with others


  • I am reliable


  • Enthusiastic


  • I have experience of


  • Knowledgeable with IT




As you are sat down, reading this article on improving your CV you can start to think about all the ways this article can help you improve your CV. For some you will feel so excited about writing your CV you will want to start right away, before you start to write your improved CV, I will share one last secret:

Increase your Interview Offers

Everyone knows that a CV is designed to gain you job interviews, as the employer reads your CV they will create an image of you in their mind if they like this image you will receive an offer for an interview. In a forth coming article I will explain in more detail how this happens, for now just think about when you read about a new character in a book, after a brief description you have a visual image of the person in your mind –it happens the same way when an employer reads your CV, they make an image of you in their mind.

To double your chances of gaining a job interview use examples instead of words; an example or real life experience will evidence that you have the skills and qualities needed for the job role.

Let’s get you started with an example “I am an excellent communicator” A well used statement in a CV; you can easily add a little meat to the bone and increase your positive image in the employers mind:

“As a mentor in a local high school, I am able to change my language when working with teachers or pupils to gain instant rapport, I build on this rapport my listening and showing empathy while at the same time giving my professional opinion, leading to positive outcomes” 

This small statement highlights your communication skills and much more without mentioning the word “communication” by reading this statement the employers is given a fuller picture of your experience, skills and qualities creating a fuller positive picture in their mind.

General CV’s have already stopped people getting interview offers, you now need to target your CV and add detailed information about your skills and qualities – you need to keep the employer interested! “Leading to positive outcomes” the employer will ask themselves “how many outcomes, what type of outcomes, outcomes with the pupil or teachers?” to find out they need to invite you for an interview.

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