Important Tips on Creating a Resume for Banking Jobs

Important Tips on Creating a Resume for Banking Jobs


Banking and Finance is one of the fastest growing sectors in terms of growth and employment. It offers a great job security along with very fine options of employment for jobseekers, right from the high paying investment banking to the secure environment of a government sector bank job. It’s due to these reasons that we find so many applicants for these jobs giving rise to tough competition. If you would like to cut through this competition and become the next rising star in the banking industry it is very important to have an impressive resume. This post will help you in the same.


A resume is like an advertisement of skills and talents that you are trying to sell to employer. Until or unless your advertisement rings a bell with the employers, or attract their attention it is very hard to get past the cut throat competition. A CV or a resume would get you the much needed introduction with the prospective employer where you can show your achievements, strengths and cleverly disguise your weaknesses as well. Without a proper and well written resume it becomes really hard to get your foot inside the door. When it comes to highly competitive jobs like banking its an absolute must to get yourself a superbly written and well-presented CV that can act as an entry gate towards the opportunity that you are applying for.

While many of the banking jobs require the candidate to go through an entrance exam, especially in the government sector, there are plenty of opportunities in private sectors banks and financial institutions that require you to apply to the vacancies and sit for an interview like any other industry. Therefore, the perception that a strong resume is not required in banking sector is totally unfounded and uncalled for. Here are some tips that you can utilize while crafting a resume for a banking job:




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Show your passion


The banking industry is one of the most competitive. Due to the intense competition, there are a number of deserving candidates who can be left out of the race just because they did not show enough drive or passion for their job. Your CV should be able to show your ambition and evidence that you are really interested to take the job hands on. This might involve writing a good summary, or a introductory note in the form of a cover letter. Make sure to include a brief outline of your career expectations and what you have to offer in terms of skills and attributes.


Give academics due attention


The employers place a high importance on formal education in this industry. Whether it is a degree in finance and banking or a certification course from authoritative sources, it is important that you are able to show your financial literacy. Therefore, keep enough space to show you’re academically sound and qualified for the role. You can include numerical figures like passing percentage and university rank, but only in case those figures are above average or extraordinary. In other cases, it is best to leave them out.


Briefly explain your professional experience


Professional experience is different from achievements so instead of clubbing them together, keep the two sections separate. In your experience section include the key data like name of employers, time duration of employment and the key responsibilities you had there. In the banking industry, your experience with previous bankers matters a lot and therefore it is recommended to prominently highlight it.



Highlight your achievements


The most important part of any CV is the achievement section. This is where you tell the employer what makes you special and better than others. Hence, you should be most careful while elucidating what your achievements have been in previous roles. The delicate line should be tread with caution as wrong use of words can smell of boastfulness which is not desirable.

Achievements could be anything from giving a project well before deadline to contributing towards the profit margins or saving expenses and increasing the bottomline margin. Your achievements should be in line with the skills that you have listed and offer a clear picture to the employer of how you actually put in use those skills to benefit the organization. Achievements should also be able to display your mathematical ability, and attention to detail, the two attributes indispensable for a bank job.

Emphasize on technological literacy


Almost every work is now automated and uses computer software. Whether it is record keeping, making tables and data visualizations, calculating profit margins, you will be required to work with software and computing devices. Therefore, it is necessary to show ease at using various latest technologies. Any technological handicap can seriously jeopardize your chances of getting a job in this industry.




Interview questions and answers


In addition to the above explained points, you should also be able to prove commitment to work, and show strong work ethics as both of them will be required while performing your job at any financial institution. It is needless to say that keeping a check on correct word usage and grammar is absolute must. For the same effect you can get your resume proofread at least once by an expert.


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