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Imagine you want to take your partner out for a romantic meal, you have chosen two restaurants and can’t decide between them both, you look at the pictures on the website, one of the images shows a romantic scene of a couple looking lovingly at each other while drinking a glass of wine, the second image is of some expensive looking fine dining, the pictures of the food making your mouth water, they both look amazing, so which one would you choose?

It’s a hard choice, 50% would of choose the romantic meal as you wanted a romantic night out, the other 50% would choose the mouth watering food, as the taste of food is important.

As you will agree, depending on your theme (or what you feel is more important) directs your choice. The same principle happens when employers look at your CV.

Remember employers receive around 300 CVs for every advertised job, they initially spend around 30 seconds skimming through the CV and you need your CV to stand out.

CV Image

As when you chose the restaurant, you had an idea of what you wanted – your requirements, the employer has their own requirements for a new employee (often recorded as the job specification). Some employers are looking for a professional; does your CV represent a professional image? Other employers require some who is creative; to gain an interview here you will need a creative looking CV.

As you will agree, the image of your CV is highly important as this is the first document the employer will see and your CV is the employer’s window to who you are and what you represent. As expert CV designers we have the experience to design you a CV relevant to your career and job sector.

Remember content is king, your CV has to look good visually and needs to stand out from the crowd and I would add that your CV has to sell your skills, qualities and experiences the employer is looking for; do you know what your future employer is looking for on your CV? Often people fail to land job interviews as they don’t understand what the employer wants recording on the CV.  

Killer CV Templates

Employment King have a brand new range of Killer CV Templates, we possess the expertise to design an eye catching CV. We will match your skills, qualities and employment history to the position you are applying for and target the CV against the job specification, guaranteeing you job interviews. If you need a Killer CV use our CV Writing Service today. It not just about how good your CV looks, your CV needs to have relevant content because research has shown that having a Targeted CV is more important then the CV image.  

If you have several hours of free time and are happy to write your own CV, we can help and reduce all those hours you was going to spend writing a CV, with our CV Package to help you create a new CV; full of CV Templates, Personal Profiles and Job Descriptions, designed so you can quickly create a CV in minutes.

Need more help we have lots of articles on writing a CV for your use, just follow the links below. Need more help? E-mail with your query.

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