One Line to Secure a Job Interview

 One Line to Secure a Job Interview                                                        

With so many people being made redundant and an increase in small company closers, you can see why the demand for every job vacancy has risen. To beat the competition, you only need One Opening Line! If you new which one sentence would secure you a job interview, would you add it to your application?

As we all know, employers quickly skim through your CV and Covering Letter, what they do all read is your opening line, it makes sense for this opening line to be the best sentence on your CV or Covering Letter.

Before writing your opening line, you first need to know what essential skills, qualities and experiences the employer requires, all you have to do is show you have these in your opening line.

Ask yourself, what is the one thing the employer would want me to achieve? This could be save outgoing cost, increase productivity, make a profit, moving people forward with their life, it doesn’t matter what the employer requires of you, it’s about how you can prove you will achieve this in just one line.

Now you know what the employer requires, the type of person they are looking for, to add value to your opening line you need to evidence that you can achieve what you say you can achieve, you can do this by relating it to your own experiences.

This simple technique is how our CV Writing Service achieves maximum success with our customer CV’s

Example Opening Lines:                                                                                                 

  • “Successfully tripled company profits within a 12 month period by….”
  • “My leadership skills and innovation quickly turned around a company producing a high loss into a profitable company by….”
  • “Saved X company over 1 million pounds, by creating a new system to take raw materials to production to sale of goods bypassing expensive third parties”
  • “Increased productivity and reduced sickness which lead to an increase in profits by 35% year on year”
  • “Experienced in successfully managing multimillion pound projects…”
  • “With over 10 years experience as a key note speaker, delivering inspiring talks to groups of over 500 delegates…”
  • “My ability to problem solve along with my keen eye for detail, allows me to quickly find areas of high cost; in every company I have worked for this skill has helped me to decrease overhead payments leading to higher profits”

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