Public Sector CV for Private Sector Jobs

Public Sector CV for Private Sector Jobs

With the large amount of redundancies in public sector jobs, ex-public sector workers are now applying for private jobs which mean you need to ensure your CV highlights the skills, qualities and experiences the private sector employers are looking for. What opening line can you write that will grab the employer’s attention? Remember employers on average only spend 30 seconds skimming through each CV, which means your CV needs to stand out


One barrier for ex-public sector workers is employers stereotyping what work public sector workers do. Many people believe public sector workers “don’t do much” for many ex-public sector workers this statement is not true, which means you need your CV to highlight your strengths, skills and experiences.

Selling yourself

If you have worked in the public sector for a long time transferring roles and gaining promotions, your CV will show your commitment to the workplace,  if needed you can either describe your current role in detail or break up your Employment History into past roles showing your progression.

As you already know the key to securing any job interview from your CV is targeting your CV to each job application, by reading the job specification and only recording your past duties, responsibilities and transferable skills you have, which are needed by the employer for the position you are applying for.

Don’t record what you want the employer to know, record only the experiences and skills the employer requires for each particular role – all the clues are recorded on the job specification under “essential criteria”

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Give a little extra

Once you have recorded all the essential criteria on your CV, you need to add a little extra, a bonus for the employer, something additional that you can bring to the team as like you, thousands of other people have been made redundant which has lead to an increase in applications for each position – ensure your CV standouts from the crowd, ensure your CV can secure you job interviews and I agree if you have not written a CV for sometime, it can be a daunting process but if you take your time and target your CV the reward is well worth the hard work.

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