Student CV

Student CV

Like you, thousands of other students are looking for part time employment to fund their education and social life while at college or university, which means you have a large amount of competition for every position you apply for.


Employers Love Students

The good news is, there are thousand s of part time student jobs, as employers from sectors working with the public (retail, fast food restaurants, cinemas, etc) need more staff at weekends and during the week on random days, this means employers like to employ students as they are happy to work these various hours and days, as it fits in well with their course hours/days.

How to get a Student Job

Like all job positions, you need to apply for student positions with your CV, which means your CV needs to record the skills you posses that the employers requires. Don’t make the mistake many students make by recording large amounts of information regarding your college/university qualification and course, because employers are not interested in this – they want to know if you can do the job you are applying for (obviously you will change your CV once you start applying for graduate positions)

Writing a CV                                                                                   

If this is your first CV – read How to Write a CV

Students can earn up to and over £200 a week depending on your hours and wage, if you need a job quickly, use a CV Writing Service

If you’re writing your own CV follow these simple tips – remember you have just 30 seconds to make an impression with your CV, as employers receive over 300 CV’s for every single application, which shows the importance of having a professional CV

  • Keep your CV to one or two pages
  • Target each CV to the position you are applying for
  • Write in the first person “I did…”
  • Spell check the CV
  • Delete any negatives
  • Talk about your skills and experiences –  keep your education minimal, as this is not important for part time student positions
  • Sound positive and enthusiastic


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