Your Resume Requires Rejuvenation, But How?

Your Resume Requires Rejuvenation, But How?



Time and again you’ll meet people telling you about the significance of working on your resume and giving it the best shape possible, for better job outcomes. But, do you really see the point of applying the same old hacks and still expecting results to be in your favor?



The job market all across the globe has transformed and so has the employers’ approach. Putting your old school ideas into implementation would fetch you nothing more than peanuts, a job-offer left aside. Also, keeping the candidates on the mature side under due consideration, a lot that has transformed needs to be on the paper in the most concise yet enticing way possible. Hence, the discussion given below will present the 5 most pertinent points, to help you rejuvenate your resume. Give it a good glance and arm yourself for success.



Below you can also access 101 Interview Questions and techniques to Influence the Job Interview. Good luck with your next job interview.

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Start With Omitting Those Old Dates


Hiring managers nowadays look for a specific kind of qualification pertaining to every job profile. Caring about dates is the last thing going in their minds, until the moment you make a mention. Apart from being an age indicator, the dates of your degree also act as a pointer suggesting your experience (or inexperience rather). Hence, if you’ve completed a certification recently, mentioning the time period for the same will show the little experience you hold in the field, which is obviously something you’ll not prefer.

Know The Difference Between a Duty and an Accomplishment


Every now and then, the first advice that comes with respect to a resume is including all necessary keywords. It’s true that keywords help it to rise above the database trash of any hiring manager, but there are deeper things that require your attention. One such thing is understanding the basic difference between a duty and an accomplishment. A duty describes a responsibility you took on your shoulders and accomplishment demonstrates how well you did it. For instance, being a sales manager and generating leads was your duty, but an accomplishment would be more like creating sales figures worth USD 500,000 within a month. Once you make out the basic difference between these, it’ll be much easier for you to list both of them under separate sections, a thing most recruiters look forward to, nowadays.



Giving Your Skills Set a Twirl


Gone are those days when the mention of all your skills alone would do the job. Today, employers look for much specific stuff. What you need, is to recognize and mention skills that are pertinent to the job profile you are targeting. In addition to this, volunteering is a great way to boost your resume too. Hence, don’t keep yourself from sharing any such experience you hold. This completely works in your favor, especially if you hold limited expertise in the field you want to shift to.

Be Crisp and Let The Numbers Talk

Nobody in this world has the time to invest some and go thoroughly, through a two-page resume. It’s scanning that’s prominent these days. The need of the hour is to recognize the things that set you apart. For each section in your resume, try asking questions like what did you do beyond your normal job duties and what problems did you help to solve?

Once these are clear, paint a picture using facts, figures and numbers. These would any day vouch for your work efficiency in a much convincing way!


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Get It Online and Connect With The Globe


You may deny it, but nearly all employers find their employee base through social media. The moment you start navigating Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for industry specific communities, a cognizance with the reality will happen. So, be at the place most of the recruiters are and make your online profile visible.

Things might be endless to list. But, the hack lies in analyzing the most crucial ones. Hence, with a clear perspective in mind, just stick to the aforementioned. Give your resume a facelift and the ball will be in your court, before you say ‘resume’!

Author Bio:


Anshuman Kukreti is a professional writer and a keen follower of the global job market. An engineer by qualification and an artist at heart, he writes on various topics related to employment across the globe. Reach him @ LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+.

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