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The only reason why one studies is to be able to be financial stable in the future. This is the driving factor for most of our decisions. Getting a business degree is always a plus for a good start to a career. MBA degrees have been attributed to be one of the most affluent of degrees. Even in the current job market, companies still revere a business degree.


Global companies are always looking for well-educated business graduates who can take their business forward. Each of these companies are further divided into departments and each of them is in turn headed by a B-School Graduate. The possibility to reach to that level is higher if you are passed out from a top business school.


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Here are some of the high profile jobs that an MBA graduate can get:


Accountant: An accountant compile, prepare and analyze financial records. Every company and organization has an accountant. They are highly paid and revered. They are the ones that determine the finances of a company. The average salary for an Accountant would be £16,429 – £50,733 per year.


Advertising Executive: An advertising executive primarily work in the advertising field. They manage client accounts, coordinate with them, handle campaigns, understand the integrities of marketing and their various concepts. And advertising executive would get an average of £16,642 – £33,825 pay per year.



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Business Manager: As a business manager, you are liable for your business and your company. You are overlooking the planning, direction, operations and the efficiency of the employees. It is your job to delegate work and see that it is done. They get an average of £21,060 – £70,150 per year as their pay package.


Sales Associate: As a sales personal your main work is to market your product and in turn sell it. While in MBA you are taught thoroughly the various concepts of marketing and how to deal and persuade clients etc. A Sales Associate is entitled to £12,404 – £37,386 per year depending on their educational qualification.


Financial Manager: They mostly work in banks, credit unions and various other finance companies. They could be a loan officer, investment officer etc. An Average salary for an Finance Manager would be £25,000 – £65,000 per year.



Corporate Recruiter: These are people who are more widely known as Headhunters. They are those who hire CEO’s and CFO’s of a company for a company. Many top notch business let these people handle the recruiting and the salary negotiations. A corporate recruiter is entitled to an average of £17,187 – £35,869 per year.


Corporate Communications Officer: Every company has their own corporate communications department. They are the one that create implement and oversee communications programs. They are a common bridging gap between the company head and the employees and also a communication channel between the company and the outside world. They can ask upto £17,365 – £31,193 pay per annum


Human Resources Director or Manager: An HR personnel is the one whose main call of duty is to hire, retain and fire employees. They are the ones that determine the company codes and policies. The supervise every aspect of an employee relation. £24,465 – £52,207 is average salary of a Human Resource Manager.



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Management or Business Analyst:  They analyze and evaluate operating procedures and in turn make recommendations based on their findings. They are often hired as a consultant to solve a specific problem in the company. A Business analyst can take up to £25,046 – £61,171 salary per annum.


Product Manager: They plan, develop and execute a plan for a particular brand or product or services. They deal with various aspects of the business and manage production, sale, advertising, promotion, research, development, purchasing, and distribution etc. of a product or services. A senior product manager could take upto £38,912 – £80,876 per annum


As the current job market goes, companies are using quite strenuous hiring strategies. They just don’t want anyone. They are making sure that they hire the best possible candidate for the job. If you are one of those dreamers who aspire to have a great start to a booming career – an MBA degree definitely helps you. Plus if as a business grad you salary is also higher than your peers who are not and if you grow in your company the opportunity to becoming the CEO is also available to you.


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Source for salaries: http://www.payscale.com/

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