5 Pro’s and Con’s for Going to University

5 Pro’s and Con’s for Going to University


Education is an Investment – with the increase debt for students, many potential university pupils are questioning if they should jump straight into the job market or accept the debt they will intake through the education system?


University Pro’s


  • University is a life style choice as well as an educational means, for many university is the first time they get to live away from home
  • Qualified employees are paid more than none qualified colleagues with graduates accepting management training positions in various organisations
  • University gives you the means to become an expert in a subject
  • You don’t have to pay your fee back until you earn over £15, 795
  • Being a graduate is a positive identity


University Con’s


  • You have a large debt holding over you
  • If you choose the wrong degree (a career you decide you no longer interested in) you have a large debt with no prospects and/or you may have to gain a further debt to re-train
  • There may be a decline in careers in that sector on the year you graduate, that you were not aware about when enrolling
  • Hidden cost that may not be thought about; books, house hold bills etc
  • The cost of a course can be seen as a massive amount to an 18/19 yr old compared to past cost
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