Can I Go To College Even though I Dropped Out of School

Can I Go To College Even though I Dropped Out of School


Every UK school leaver (even if you dropped out of school) is entitled to a free college place, but entry to certain college depends on your GCSE results.

If you sat your GCSEs and gained 5 A-Cs in the core subjects (including Bs in the subjects you want to study at A-Level), generally you can access most college course (course such as Art may require you to have a portfolio of work)

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If you left with no GCSE due to, as an example an illness you can access a college course to re-sit your GCSE exams – but only certain college offer GCSE re-sits. In some colleges if you completed some but not all your GCSE examinations, you may be able to sit your A-Levels and complete a GCSE course alongside it. In most circumstances the college will ask you to complete an assessment to check your academic level.

I Dropped Out of School with NO GCSEs

If you didn’t sit any GCSE’s or if you didn’t gain 5 GCSEs A-C, you can still apply for and attend college. Depending on your GCSE results, depends on the course level you can attend.

Generally speaking, but this various on the college if you have 2 x C/D GCSE grades you can start a level 2 course, 4 x E/F’s GCSEs means you can start a level 1 course and if you have no GCSEs you can apply for the various “entry” course available at most colleges.

Your Entitled to a FREE education

But all school leaver age students are entitled to a free education, with the government bring in new rules regarding the raising of the participation age (up to 18 yrs old by 2015)

This means everyone will have to be in some form of education until they are 18 yrs old, for many this may well be college but for others this could be an apprenticeship.

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2 thoughts on “Can I Go To College Even though I Dropped Out of School

  1. i would love to know were in england near london i can sit my gcse. i have lived in spain my entire life and i am turning 16 tomorrow i have left school with no exams and would like to know if i can sit my gcse exams in london in a college

  2. Hi it depends on your age but all schools deliver GCSEs and many colleges offers GCSEs as part og their courses.

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