Choosing The Right School

Choosing The Right School


There are two key areas each parent needs to consider when deciding which school to choose for their child. The first is, does the school get results on a consistent basis? Let’s face it some school are better then others, and the aim of the education system is to up skill our children to give them the skills and knowledge to enter the future employment market. And these days qualifications count. If you have the choice, why send your child to an under performing school when you can apply for an outstanding school giving your child the best possible chance of success.

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Second, we all learn in different ways. If your child attends a school that uses their own learning style they will perform much better. The key to your child’s successful education is the child’s teacher. Prior to applying to the school attend the school open evenings. Speak to and question the teacher, find out if their passionate about teaching or bored with their current career choice? Check their knowledge on their subject matter; ask about their experience, goals and delivery style. We have all had teachers who motivated and supported us, in these lessons you probably exceeded expectations. While in a different lesson, your teacher may have been the opposite, lacking motivation and support, in this class your grades may have fell. The teacher is a vital role in your child’s education, check that your child’s future teacher is the type of teacher that will make your child excel and succeed.

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