Failing is FUN!!!

Failing is FUN!!!


The most important life lesson I have learnt is to fail. I know this sounds crazy, but  often through our education system we become scared at failing. I became so scared of failing that I wouldn’t attempt to try anything new, if I did at the first sign of getting it wrong I would run away before anyone found out.

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Then one day, for some unknown reason I didn’t care if I failed, I would try something, get it wrong and learn from it. If I wanted a different result I would do something different. Edison the inventor of the light bulb had the same idea. While trying to invent the light bulb he got it wrong, thousands of times.

At one point people said “Edison you got it wrong over a thousands times, you need to give up!” Edison replied with “ I’ve not got it wrong I just know one more way how not to do it” several attempts later and the light bulb was invented – think about if he gave up you would be living by candle light, there would no car travel at night, and probably no aeroplane or space crafts which are guided in by runway lights. We have light bulbs in every room in every house, in every house in every country.

So my lesson is this get things wrong, make mistakes and fail as much as you want. The secret is learning from your life mistakes and having a go for it attitude.

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