Grad Jobs Where Are They?

Grad Jobs Where Are They? 


There is a misconception that there is a lack of grad jobs compared to 10-20 years ago. The truth is there are more graduate positions available, but there is also more competition, as more college students take the university path into the career market.
Job search diagram
Due to the high number of graduates applying for each position (in some cases 2000 applications for the same graduate position) employers get the pick of the bunch.

Graduate job searching preparation needs to start early.

To increase your chances of a graduate job offer, you need to start preparing early – while you are at university. Two things employers class as essential criteria is first, your qualification why employee someone with 2.1 when the other candidate has a first?
The second key criteria is experience. Many students rather then volunteering will go out and party or gain a part time job. Sector specific experience is key to gaining a graduate position. You do need to relax as a student, and many need that important additional income from a part time job. But each year you need to volunteer or gain work experience in the sector you want a career in, as this experience is seen as invaluable by the employer.

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