Inspirational Mother Encourages Mums To Follow Their Dreams

Inspirational Mother Encourages Mums To Follow Their Dreams 


Louise moved to Cornwall in 2004 with no job, no qualifications and no prospects. “sometimes you have to take the chance” Louise said after ditching her life in Manchester. Jobs in Cornwall are hard to come by even for qualified career professionals. Louise always dreamed of a career working with children, but ended up working in shops and as a chambermaid, both which were low paid seasonal work.


What Should I Do


By 2007 Louise had met her husband and was expecting her first child. After he was born she choose to give up work and to have another baby to complete the family. All the time she thought about how she could pursue her dream job. Louise felt disheartened, believing she would have to go back to the unsatisfying job as a shop assistant or chambermaid.



By the time the children were getting older, Louise has had enough.  “I had always wanted to work within a school setting but never imagined I could achieve this from not doing well at school and not going on to further education and now I was older with children I just didn’t think it would be possible”


She got her luckily break after researching different entry routes into careers with children. She heard about entry into university via the access course at college which is equivalent to A-Levels. “it was quite demanding, balancing being a mothers, as well as studying” At times Louise felt like giving up, but her inspiration and dreams kept her going. Louise admits that the first 6 months of the Access Course was difficult “I hadn’t studied since leaving school”  Louise admits.


Some people thought it was a pointless exercise, but throughout the long nights of studying and the early morning wake-up calls by her two young boys, Louise finally passed her course.   “I was really excited, I didn’t actually believe I was going to pass” Before she new it, she had already signed up to Worcester University for the Teaching and Learning foundation degree. Louise is the first in her family to go to University and feels that she can be a better role model for her children. Louise now has to attend University, undertake a volunteering placement in a school as well as being a mother for two demanding children, but feels this extra work is worth it. Her plan is to get a job within a school while completing the 3 year university course.


Finding the Answer


Louise wants to share her story with other mothers who may not of had the time to attend college due to being a mum or other mothers like Louise who wrongly believe that because you left school with no qualifications that you cant follow your dreams. When asked what advice would you give to other young mums who are thinking about university and careers, Louise said “Just Go For It”


Find out more about Louise on her FaceBook page here:  Louise Phillips 


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  1. Louise, you are very inspirational! A difficult task to keep a home going and complete a high level qualification!

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