Looking into the Abacus Math

Looking into the Abacus Math


Abacus is an ancient calculating tool that is easy to read and fun to use. Although calculators have gradually replaced the abacus system of calculations, these tools are gradually making a comeback in school programs across different countries because of the multiple advantages seen in their use by the educationists. There are several schools in Asia, especially in India and Japan that are making use of Abacus math to teach the children to carry out complex calculations, in their mind and without the use of pen and paper. These methods are known to help the students devise faster calculations and without making any mistakes.


The Spread of Abacus

As an increasing number of schools and education systems are relapsing the benefits of Abacus math, one finds a higher number of these schools incorporating the abacus in their curriculum. There was a rise in these schools across Asia in the late 1990s as well as the students enrolling for these systems. Gradually, other countries like Canada and US too are showing keen interest in the math system behind abacus and are encouraging their students to take advantage. The abacus helps these kids to understand the numbers better and their confidence grows in math and they are no longer terrified of the subject. Moreover, children love playing with those colorful beads and enjoy those mental math games in the classroom.

Building Mental Skills in Arithmetic

Abacus classes are quite similar to other classes, except that they motivate the students to follow the basic approach in math and understand the broader mathematical concepts. Mental abacus techniques help these students to remain alert and develop really good way of building mental arithmetic skills. Although, research is still going on to study the proven effects, most educators are all for the system and its many benefits. Some even believe that abacus might help with the mental training for students with autism and ADH.

Obvious Benefits of Using Abacus

Abacus seems to offer much more accurate results and a superior use of the memory and the digits. The children find it easy to place numbers in their head based on the abacus image and make speedy and accurate calculations with abacus method.  Thus the students are able to carry out mental math fast and with higher accuracy and they feel much more confident when solving complex mathematical problems. They find it easy to work with the fractional numbers. They are now able to solve math problems including subtraction, addition, division and multiplication mush faster and with higher confidence.

Abacus math is seen to improve concentration and comprehension in the students. They become better listeners and work with better speed and accuracy. Even those who were first afraid of math and the calculations seem to enjoy the sums and show a higher confidence level than before. Abacus is also known to help with personality development in kids. One should thus take advantage of these beads and encourage more and more students to learn and do their math the abacus way.

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Hi! I am Pamela, a writer who loves to travel and learn things while on journey learned about few things on Abacus math , as it’s the oldest computer that is still active and surviving today. Even in the digital age, this is a favorite math tool that is used for effective math learning.
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