Training for Career Advisors and Professionals

A great personal development opportunity for careers advisors and professionals working with;

  • Vulnerable Clients
  • Long-term Unemployed
  • Recently made Redundant
  • Volunteers
  • The Unmotivated

Would you benefit from knowing how to motivate the unmotivated? Would having a wide range of tools to use to increase a persons self-belief and confidence helping you to help them to move forward? Would you want to attend a training session to give you the skills needed to help your clients move forward? Book Now by E-Mailing

Employment King Deliver half day and full day sessions, using techniques taken from NLP, Solution Focus, Life Coaching and IAG to give you and your workforce a wide rage of new skills.

Session can be tailored made for individual companies for more information e-mail

How to Motivate the Unmotivated

You will learn how a clients mind and body work as one, once you know how to change a clients submodalities you can change their emotion, these powerful techniques are used to eliminate fears and phobias.

 Positive Questioning

The power of language is amazing; learn how to “hear” what a client is saying and use their motivational language pattern to motivate them. Why are you interested in helping others to become more motivated? Did you answer with Towards or Away (Pain or Pleasure) language? We are all motivated in different ways; you will learn how to hear what motivates others.

 Try Something Different

Many practitioners and advisors are often scared of trying something new – scared of failing! If you want a different result you need to do something different. How do you learn best? How do you take in advice from others? We often only remember 30% of what we are told, as people learn by being involved, would you enjoy using interactive games and activities to make your sessions more fun and I would add to ensure your clients learn more?

Know you have read the above description and you are thinking of how you can use all these new techniques and tools in your own workplace, you will feel ready to e-mail to discuss the course in more detail.

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