UCAS Points

The UCAS Tariff is the system used by universities and colleges for allocating points to qualifications used for entering higher education. Different qualifications are allocated a score (points) to help students secure a place on an undergraduate course.

Universities and colleges use the UCAS Tariff to make comparisons between applicants holding different qualifications.

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The Points your Qualifications are Awarded

5 thoughts on “UCAS Points

  1. Dear Sir/Madam
    Could you help me with some queries?
    I am based in UK and I want to qualify as a Chartered Accountant. To take me into their body as a trainee ,they are asking me to have minimum 280 Ucas points.The problem is the basic degree is done In Romania as well as International Baccalaureate.Could you please tell me if UCAS points are designed for overseas qualifications? Could you give please some advice?

  2. Regarding your UCAS points; courses completed abroad still have equivalent UCAS points, you first need to see how points your Romanian course has given you. Most colleges will have a licence for a programme called NARIC http://www.naric.org.uk/ they will convert your qualifications to the UK

  3. Dear Sir/Madam,

    I recently read that “The Romanian Baccalaureate is considered as meeting entry requirements to UK higher education institutions provided high marks have been obtained (8 and above).” So far i understood, my Romanian baccalaureate was achieved with 9.85, so theoretically all i need is a English Qualification and i can simply apply for most of the undergraduate courses. My question is regarding my partner, he is Romanian also, and he achieved only a 7 at the Romanian baccalaureate diploma. Could he still apply for law school for example. Is he still getting (how many) some points for the baccalaureate even if the mark is only 7? Could he top up the ucas points by doing a vocational course?

    Kind Regards,

  4. Dear Olivia,

    I am really curious if you found an answer to your partner’s problem with his average of 7 in the Romanian Baccalaureate. My partner has the same problem (he achieved 7,84) and he really wants to do a degree in engineering in the UK.

    Thank you in advance (hopefully you’ll see this message, even though more than a year has passed since you posted yours).

    All the best,


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