Why You Should Choose Volunteering Over A Summer Holiday: Tips For Graduates

Why You Should Choose Volunteering Over a Summer Holiday: Tips For Graduates 


Each year the number of  university applicants and starts is increasing. Even more important, students securing high level qualifications is also on the increase, what this means for any academic is that competition is for any high level academic position is strong. When recruiting graduates, employers do consider job hunters qualifications and positions such as finance, law and medical sectors all have specific entry requirements, which means all applicants will have the same qualification.

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To secure your first paid job, you need to stand out at the job interview and one way to do this is through your experience. and a lack of experience is the number one reason why new graduates don’t secure employment within the first 6 months of graduating. During the summer holidays it is very tempting to gain any paid job to give yourself that all important income.
Students study hard and party hard, all this partying cost money. Students these days also have a passion for fashion. the fashion and partying is all part of the student life style and this life style needs funding. You need to look long term, not short term. you cna get a paid job in a fast food chain or retail outlet giving you a disposable income, but what if you didn’t?
Instead you could spend your summer holidays volunteering in a range of sector specific placements.  what you lack in funds, you will make up in experience. And once graduated, this experience will come in to it’s own, because the employer can only be impressed by your commitment to your career. The employer will be blown away by the vast experiences you, as a graduate have already undertook and the skills you have learnt can add value to their team.
Who would you employ if you had the choice of two graduate, the one with the qualifications and a lack of experience, or the second applicant with both experience and qualifications?

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