Can Hypnotic Language Patterns Really Be used in Job Interviews?

Can Hypnotic Language Patterns Really Be used in Job Interviews?


Milton Erickson is often referred to as the father of modern hypnotherapy, and his use of ambiguous language can be used in the job interview, to direct the interviewers frame of mind.

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Before Erickson, often hypnotherapist would use an authority style of hypnosis to hypnotise their patient “You will fall into a deep sleep” obviously this style of hypnotising doesn’t go down to well in the job interview. In fact you don’t want to hypnotise the interviewer, in such a way that they fall into a deep trance, you want to direct the interviewers unconscious to think about you in such a way that they feel completed to offer you the job.

There are many hypnotic language patterns that you can use in the job interview, and you will learn a few of them here today. The great thing about Milton Erickson’s style of hypnosis is that your subject (the interviewer) won’t realise that you are leading them.

The Bind, links two ideas together

  • The more we discuss this project, the more you will realise how I can get the same results for you”…


The Double Bind, creates an illusion of choice, but the end result for both choice is the same

  • “Hear you go, if you want you can read the whole CV or you can skip down to my previous job where I have highlighted by successes”…


Presuppositions, Presupposition of time, it’s not if, it’s when

  • When you hire me, I will bring across my list of client contacts…”


Embedded Commands, the order (command) comes across unnoticed

  • When you hire me, you will know you have made the right decision because…


Cause – Effect patterns, A means B

  • Now we have met, you can imagine how well we can work together


Now, some of these patterns may sound strange or illogical because what most people aren’t aware of is that language when spoken is fluid, which means the patterns above may not be grammatically correct but when spoken in a conversation they come across naturally which means that your commands and suggestion such as “hire me” “read the whole CV” “Imagine how well we can work together” go unnoticed, the interviewer will simply visualise you doing these commands because words create images, and if your interviewers image are positive about you, you will get offered the job. How many patterns did you spot in this one paragraph?

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