Hypnosis Script usng VAKOG

Hypnosis Script using VAKOG



“And now, imagine you are in a forest and as you look around you see a variety of trees on either side of a gravelly path, the sight of solid tall trees that have been standing there for hundreds of years makes you feel strong and powerful, you hear the wind blowing through the canopy, the sound of the branches rustling makes you feel energised and full of life. As you start to walk along the gravel path, you hear the crunching of the gravel with every step you take, the sounds of the gravel crunching beneath your feet makes you feel confident with the choices you make and confident in the new direction you are heading in. A light breeze brushes against your skin, the cool touch of the air makes you feel alert, confident and optimistic, as the light breeze gently blows away the weight of your shoulders. The touch of a flower that brushes against your naked arm reminds you that nature can heal and with each breath you take, you breathe in the atmosphere of the woodland, you can taste all the flavours of the forest and the taste of nature filling your lungs makes you feel ready for any new challenges, ready to grow and ready to learn with each new day. Become aware of the different taste and smells, as you continue to walk along the gravel path, surrounded by the trees, the flowers and an abundance of wildlife. You can smell the scent of the spring flowers, the muskiness of the damp fallen leaves and the smell of the newness of forest life makes you feel reborn and ready to start a new. All the smells of the forest makes you feel calm and in control, the taste of the pollen from the new spring flowers makes you feel alive and ready for any new challenge, the aroma of the historic woodland makes you feel strength within you. As you step through the woodland into an open lush green field, you sense a change beneath your feet which makes you feel that you have left your past behind you, ready to live your life the way you want to, confident with the choices you make, happy to learn from the past and to live your life in the present.”
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