Hypnosis Trance Inductions Using Confusion

Hypnosis Trance Inductions Using Confusion


Today we are learning about using confusion to induce trance. Richard Bandler the co-founder of NLP, stakes realities using ambiguities to cause confusion, deepening trance.




Ambiguities  – words and phrases with more than one meaning.

There are 4 types of ambiguities we will look at:


Phonological – words that sound alike  


  • Write and right
  • Knows and nose
  • Hear and here
  • Red and read
  • Weight and wait
  • A part and apart
  • Flower and flour
  • Piece and peace
  • Sea and see
  • No and know
  • Bye and by and buy
  • Bee and be


Example Phonological



“Yes to day, you thought about going into trance didn’t you, are you ready to go into trance today?” (Yesterday)

“You’re unconscious now understands how to make changes” (Your unconscious)

“If you were carrying a bag of rocks in the dark, how could you make your journey lighter? ” (here the word LIGHTER is spelt the same but has two meanings)


Punctuation – sentences that share the same overlapping word



Words that overlap:

  • Watch
  • Tie
  • Feel
  • Through
  • Change
  • Break
  • Coast
  • Move
  • Believe
  • Crave
  • Decide
  • Experience
  • Drape
  • Frame
  • Places
  • Realise
  • Respect
  • Feedback
  • Think
  • Bank
  • Cast
  • Hand
  • Point
  • Drift
  • Round


Example Punctuation


“That is a good POINT to the place that is causing you pain”

“I just brought a new WATCH what I am doing”

“Notice what your HAND me the glass”

“I love going to the SEA what pictures you get, when I say relax” (phonological is also used here)


Syntactic – sentences that can be taken in two or more different ways



“They are visiting relatives”

“Man eating fish”

“We saw her duck”

“The girl in the car that needed water is waiting”

“I own a flying jacket”


Ambiguous Scope – it is unclear if the sentence is an adjective, verb or adverb



“Speaking to you as a child”

“Why don’t you come over when you having nothing on”

“The older man and women came to the party”

“The girl chased the boy without shoes”

“He made the computer characters fast”
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