Hypnotherapy Manchester

Hypnotherapy Manchester


What is holding you back? Do have a fear or a phobia? Do you lack confidence or motivation? Do think everyone is out to get you or do you lack self belief? I have worked with many clients who want to achieve a personal goal but constantly fail to move forward with their life because of negative self talk or due to a lack of focus.


  Past clients Have used Employment King for:    Employment King specialise in:
  • Anxiety
  • Phobia Removal
  • Weight Loss
  • Getting Over Past Partners/Relationships
  • Making Better Decisions
  • Increase in Confidence
  • Bad Habit
  • Building Confidence
  • Reducing Negative Self Talk & Lack of Self Belief
  • Increasing Motivation


How would your life change if you could overcome your personal barriers? What would be different? How would others respond to you? If you knew you could set and achieve any goal, would be the first goal you would set yourself? How would achieving this goal change you and your life?


Are You Really Ready to Make A Change?


You are probably already thinking about the hundreds of ways your life will change once you book a hypnotherapy session. Our qualified Hypnotherapist can help you, all you need to do, is to WANT to make a change and we can do the rest.


What is Hypnotherapy?


I once had a client who really needed a hypnotherapy session, the client telephoned me but had one worry “you’re not going to make dance around the office like a chicken are you?” When a hypnotherapist supports you to move forward, the key thing to remember is that you are in control of the whole session, you can open your eyes whenever you need to and you are aware of everything that is happening. Stage hypnotherapist hypnotise people for entertainment, our hypnotherapist are trained to support you to achieve your goals and to delete any negatively in your lfie.


When in hypnosis you:


  • Will feel relaxed and in control
  • Can talk, move around or open your eyes when you need to
  • Feel in that place between sleep and awake with many people describing it as “a daydream like state”


Hypnosis Can Not:


  • Make you do anything you don’t want to do
  • Make you reveal anything you don’t want
  • Make overcome any fear or barrier unless you want to make a change


What Do You Need To Do?


  • First you need to want to make a change. First write a list of all the barriers, issues and phobias in your life – anything you want to change.


  • Next, think about how your personal barriers affect you, your family, your career, your life and your future.


  • Finally think about how you would like to live your life and write a list of all the positive differences you would have in your life if you were able to overcome your barriers and achieve your goals.


E-mail me a copy of your list and one of our qualified hypnotherapists will be in contact with you soon. Congratulations you have now committed to making a change, most people already feel better from completing this simple coaching exercise, next we will make some real lasting changes through hypnosis.


Face-to-face Hypnosis Sessions Cost £79.99 (Greater Manchester Only) Save Over £29.99 This Month; Sale Price for Employment King customers is only £49.99 per Session.


If you live in Greater Manchester (our office is opposite the big wheel – exchange square, ManchesterM4 3TR) you can meet Chris our Hypnotherapist face to face for a 60 minute Hypnotherapy session.


To book an appointment and to access your £30 Discount E-mail info@employmentking.co.uk and quote Ref: hypno-disc


The amount of sessions required depend on the number of barriers you want to overcome, with most clients achieving their goals within 1-3 sessions. Confidence and Self-Motivation generally take Only One session.


9 thoughts on “Hypnotherapy Manchester

  1. Hi
    I’m a 29 year old male who is realy struggling and on the verge of loosing my partner who I’m engaged to and are planning on having children the trouble is every time I feel I’m getting to close to her I lash out and push her away and often become verbally abusive towards her resulting in me leaving and coming back days later with my tail between my legs. I realy have commitment issues and have ran away from past partners in the past with out a second thought. I know the woman I’m with is the one for me but there’s something causing me to lash out and this is getting worse and more often! I realy need to get this sorted and wonded if your service could help me.
    I’m at the point of just letting her go so she can love and be loved in the way that she deserves as every issue we have is because of me.
    I look forward to hearing on wether you can help me overcome what ever it is that is making me behave in such a discusting manner.
    Yours hopefully

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