Milton Erickson Hypnotic Scripts

Milton Erickson Hypnotic Scripts 


Milton Erickson is known as the godfather of modern hypnotherapy, his genius has helped thousands of people through hypnosis and the techniques and language patterns he uses, have been modelled by many including Richard Bandler and John Grinder the co-founders of NLP.

Below are 3 scripts to highlight the genius of Milton Erickson.

Truisms for Developing Anesthesias

“the tremendous amount of learning you have acquired during your lifetime of experience in developing anesthesias throughout your entire body. For example, as you sit and listen to me now, you’re forgotten the shoes on your feet…and now you can feel them; you’ve forgotten the glasses on your nose…and now you can feel them; you’ve forgotten the collar around your neck…and now you can feel it…you listen to an entertaining lecture, and you forget about the hardness of the chairs. But if it happens to be a boring lecture, your chair feels so utterly uncomfortable. You sense those things. We’ve all had tremendous experiences in developing anesthesia in all parts of our bodies, so how did you get that anesthesia for the shoes on your feet? Not because there is a drug put into the nerve ; not because you were told to have the anesthesia; but because in your lifelong learning you have acquired the automatic ability to turn off sensations and to turn them on again”

Suggestions for Insomnia

You use an awful lot of energy staying awake. You resort to every conceivable measure of preventing sleep. Now, if you sleep and rest yourself  thoroughly, you will have an oversupply of energy? What constructive or instructive or developmental project would you like to undertake to use up that extra daily allotment of energy? You’ve got to direct it elsewhere rather than in keeping yourself  awake. That nice rest each night is going to replenish your energy. How are you going to use it?

Metaphor with Tinnitus

Now I am going to tell you a story so that you can understand better. We learn things in a very unusual way, a way that we don’t know about. In my first year of college I happened to come across that summer boiler factory. The crews were working on twelve boilers at the same time, and it was three shifts of workmen. And those pneumatic hammers were pounding away, driving rivets into the boilers. I heard that noise and I wanted to find out what it was. On learning that it was a boiler factor , I went in and couldn’t hear  anybody talking. I could see the various employees were conversing. I could see the foremen’s lips moving, but I couldn’t hear what he said to me. He heard what I said. I had him come outside so i could talk to him. And I asked him for permission to roll up my blanket and seep on the floor one night. He thought there was something wrong with me. I explained that I was interested in learning processes. And he agreed that I could roll up in my blanket and sleep on the floor. He explained to all the men and left an explanation for the succeeding shift of men. The next morning I awakened. I could hear the workmen talking about that damn fool kid. What the hell was he sleeping on the floor there for? What did he think he could learn? During my sleep that night I blotted out all that horrible noise of the twelve or more pneumatic hammers and I could hear voices. I knew it was possible to learn to hear only certain sounds if you tune your ears properly. You have ringing in your ears, but you haven’t thought of tuning them so that you don’t hear the ringing…and think back; there are goodly number of times this afternoon when you stopped hearing the ringing. It is hard to remember things that don’t occur  But the ringing did stop. But because there was nothing there, you don’t remember it…Now the important thing is to forget about the ringing and to remember the times when there was no ringing. And that is a process you learn. I learned in one night’s time not to hear the pneumatic hammers in the boiler factory – and to hear a conversation I couldn’t hear the previous day….I knew what the body can do automatically. Now rely upon your body. Trust it. believe in it. And know that it will serve you well.


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