Richard Bandler Hypnotic Language Patterns

Richard Bandler Hypnotic Language Patterns


NLP is based on hypnosis, and as you can see from the vast Bandler videos on youtube Bandler will use hypnotic language patterns to take his clients into trance to make lasting changes. To help you master NLP, we have researched and recorded some of Richard Bandlers famous hypnotic language, which is often vague and confusing, making the client go into themselves.

As Bandler says you need to catch your clients between patterns. Add your own Bandler hypnotic language and quotes below.

richaed bandler langugae patterns

Trance Inducing Language Patterns


 “the past is just a future moving by now…”


“stop, back up and feel something else this time…”


“this old feeling that’s going past isn’t going to be as satisfying as when you find new feelings coming…now..”


“when to start…and now of course is a good time..”


“time and again and again you’ll start to have old feelings disappear…”


“those same old feelings can come up for the last time just before you feel them now disappearing…” 


“Your Unconscious now” (embedded command!!) 


“Yes-to-day” (yesterday)


“now speaking to you as a child…”


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