Stop Being So Stressed



Stress is caused because people look at the negative of potential situations, this creates an internal focus which makes you feel sorry for yourself. As an example you have a bad day at work, you go home and feel sorry for yourself. While at home you think about the next day and imagine the worse – this imagine created in your imagination stresses you out; you blood pumps faster, you get headaches and you cant sleep. If this continues your stress will turn into a real illness, one of my clients stress levels lead to her hair falling out.

To stop stress happening in the first place, you need change your perception on future events (because no one knows what will happen in the future) when thinking about a future event, you need to shrink any negative images you create and replace them in your minds eye with a positive film. With the working example, you can imagine going into working having a great day, getting positive praise from a manger and feeling really proud of yourself.

Your mind doesn’t know what is real or what is created, if you imagine a positive event your mind will give you positive feelings, if you imagine feeling stressed your mind will sent signals to your body to feel stressed. In addition people respond different to you if your happy or stress, if you head to work feeling good colleagues and managers will respond more positive to you increasing your positive feelings and the opposite happens if your stressed, people will respond negatively to you, re-enforcing your stress levels.

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