3 Out The Box Ways to Prepare for Your Job Interview

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3 Out The Box Ways to Prepare for Your Job Interview


What career advisers don’t tell you when they coach you to pass a job interview, is that job interview success doesn’t just come from researching job interview questions and preparing killer answers.


Job Interview success comes from being in the right state


Scientist long ago taught us that your emotional state changes your behavior. If you are stressed and nervous you will act differently, you will give different answers  and you will come across differently, then you would, if you were focused, excited and in a flow state


To get into a positive flow state you need to increase dopamine levels in your brain – dopamine is the happy chemical that is release for pleasure and reward


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Increase Dopamine, Increase Interview Success #1


To increase dopamine levels you first need to write out a list of things you need to do to prepare for your interview (things you need to do on the interview day)


Include basic things that you know you need to do, iron your shirt. As you do each task, physically tick it of the list. Your mind likes to see things being achieved. As you achieve each task you release more dopamine




Increase Dopamine, Increase Interview Success #2


Dance…or at least move about (this can include going for a run)


Exercise is key for high levels of dopamine while releasing stress. If you mix this with drinking an increase in water you have a positive formula


Many failed interviewees, rather then exercise, will sit and worry about the forthcoming job interview – all this leads to is an increase in stress and anxiety. As Taylor Swift said “shake it out, shake it out”




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Increase Dopamine, Increase Interview Success #3


Relax, Remember and Re-enact


You have had many successes. As you are preparing for a job interview, these successes which make up the back bone of your interview answers, should be at the forefront of your mind.


The secret hear is not just to remember each success, but to remember how the success felt. As you remember each success you will feel it inside yourself, releasing even more dopamine


Follow these 3 steps


  1. Take ten long deep breaths with your eyes closed (while sitting in a comfortable chair in a room you won’t be disturbed in)
  2. Remember each success in turn; imagine being there – see what you can see, hear what you can hear and re-feel the positive emotion
  3. Focus in on this emotion and imagine that you can amply this feeling, keep turning up the feeling until you feel it at its peak



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