3 Things You Must Do Prior To The Job Interview

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3 Things You Must Do Prior To The Job Interview


As an Online Interview Coach i’m always surprised by the lack of job interview preparation that most interviewees undertake.


If you only prepare for a job interview for 45 minutes or under then this is the reason why you fail job interview. Successful interviewees, from my research, on average spend around 4-5 hours on interview preparation.


But even the interviewees who spend a longer duration on job interview preparation often prepare badly. This article will give you a few tips to advance your job interview techniques



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Pre-Job Interview Preparation 1



Clarify your selling points.


The job interview is a 45 minute sales pitch. As with all sales techniques the key strategy to sell anything is to give a solution to a problem. What does the employer require from you? What is the essential criteria for this position? What unique value can you add to the team?


The first preparation task you should always undertake prior to the job interview is clarifying what your sales point is? This sales point has to be something the employer requires, needs or can’t do without.


In addition to having sales points, you need to create real examples of how you have used this skill, quality or experience.



Pre-Job Interview Preparation 2


Anticipate the Interviewers concerns


Even if you had a list of key selling points, you will only be employed if the employer 100% feels that you will fit in with the team, and if they believe you will make a real impact within the organisation.


If the employer has any doubts, you are likely to miss out on the exciting opportunity. Think about your application; your work history, qualifications and skills. Also review your prepared job interview answers. On reflection put yourself in the shoes of the interviewer – what concerns would they have about hiring you?


Maybe you have a gap in your CV, maybe you lack essential qualifications or experiences. You need to prepare answers to any potential question or doubt the employer may have. In the 73 rules for influencing the interview we use techniques such as re-framing the interviewers negative opinion. It doesn’t matter how you change the interviewers mind as long as you leave the interview with the interviewer being full of desire instead of doubt



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Pre-Job Interview Preparation 3


Create a powerful induction.


When you met anyone the human mind will within milliseconds create an impression about the stranger in front of them. In a job interview this impression can be the reason for the successful or unsuccessful interview outcome


You need to prepare for this first encounter.  Prepare your body language, posture, clothes, stance, smile, your opening induction including the words, tone and volume of your key communication. Even go one step further, plan your small talk and prepare everything to help increase likability.








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