3 Ways To Advance Your Job Interview Techniques

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3 Ways To Advance Your Job Interview Techniques 



The internet has changed the job interview.


For all job sector interviews you as the candidate can simple Google “sector job interview questions” and within seconds you can have a list of potential questions that you will soon be asked. Following on from this, you may Google to the company history or even as on a forum for potential answers.


So why with all this information at your finger tips why aren’t you successful in the job interview? This is because you are searching for basic interview tips to secure the job interview. This isn’t good enough, as everyone else is using these same strategies.


Instead ADVANCE your interview techniques



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Advance Your Job Interview Techniques #1


Focus on Delivery


A job interview is a communication sales pitch. Where job applicants go wrong in the job interview is they always concentrate on only their interview answer, the words they use, rather then the delivery style of interview answer.


Communication isn’t just words. Communication is created with tone, volume, gestures, body language and facial expressions (plus much more) What you say is important but as any orator will try to impress on you is the power of how you say it, the packaging to the delivery of your job interview answer.


Create a strong job interview answer, then focus on the delivery style; say it with confidence, say it with purpose, say it with emotion



Advance Your Job Interview Techniques #2


Create a dialogue


An interactive interview creates rapport, increases likability and becomes more memorable


Failed interviewees will reflect and realise that they couldn’t stop talking. Their waffled answer turn the interviewer off, creating disinterest. To have a real impact in the job interview, talk less, ask more questions and create beautiful dialogue.


When asked a question give a string answer (focusing on your delivery style) and follow up by asking the job interviewer a question, relating to the question they asked you. As an example if they asked you about your knowledge on a certain ICT system, ask them if they know about a new time saving ICT system.


This style of interviewing is advanced, and creates positive interaction. The interviewer, having a break from the normal interview style that they have heard for the past 2 days, creates a memorable job interview.



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Advance Your Job Interview Techniques #3


Key the glass half full…always


Time and time again when I deliver interview coaching sessions, clients tell me, how in the job interview they discuss sector problems, barriers and mistakes. I can never understand this perspective.


The job interview is the one place where you need the glass to be half full, no, over spilling with positiveness. Explain your successes, show enthusiasm for your sector, answer problem questions with the frame of enjoyment – you enjoy solving problems.


Whatever you do in the job interview, do it with a smile, with positiveness and enthusiasm.


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