3 Ways to Feel More Powerful in the Job Interview

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3 Ways to Feel More Powerful in the Job Interview




Yes job interviews are scary and no, its not just you who thinks that.


In fact job interviews are in the top ten most commons fears. But there are ways to feel more confident, to feel more powerful. By creating the feeling of internal power, increasing your job interview self esteem your interview performance will impress and show you at your best.


By creating this positive state you are more likely to sell yourself, build rapport and of course be offered more job positions.


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Create Job Interview Power #1



Interviewees feel inadequate as the compare themselves to a fake but positive perspective of the interviewer.   We wrongly believe that the interviewer is this powerful god like person who has your life, your future in their hands.


We search for and find all of our own weaknesses and presume that the interviewer god will know about them. To feel more powerful you need to turn this negative technique on its head. Instead of looking for your on weaknesses, search for theirs. Look for little signs of weakness; a dirty shoe, un-ironed tie, messy desk – anything that makes them human again.


Even compare yourself to this weakened person – my shirt is smart, clean and ironed – this creates a natural aura of power within yourself




Create Job Interview Power #2


Every time you go to a party there is always one person who stands out, a person who grabs the attention of the room, a memorable individual that everyone warms to


It is this same type of person who sticks out and gets offered the job from any job interview


Whats the secret??? Stories! Yes stories.


People are emotional drawn to a story. The likable party goer will have hundreds of stories and anecdotes for any situation. They build up suspense, give a detailed description and end with a bang. By adopting this story telling tactic in the job interview you can create an authority by selling your skills, experiences and qualities through the adventure of a detailed story



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Create Job Interview Power #3


Create a conversation


Because people, generally, are scared in the job interview, they will nervously smile, answer the question in a matter of fact way (no story telling here) and prey for the job interview to end


Instead build both rapport and likability, which increase your chances of receiving a job offer, by asking questions to the job interviewer.


This answer then ask a question technique puts the interviewer on the back foot, helping you to feel more powerful. It also creates a natural conversation that will create a connection between you and the interviewer. Its this connection and gut instinct from the interviewer that will land you the job offer.



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