5 Influence Styles You Can Use in a Job Interview

5 Influence Styles You Can Use in a Job Interview



You are influence everyday, thousands of times, and you probably aren’t aware of 90% of them


We are influenced by images, words, social proof, repetitive slogans, scarcity and by a number of other things. People influence each other with tone, gestures, commitment and their style of communication.  the power of influence has a massive effect on your day with you buying goods, voting for politicians and making choices because of the power of influence and psychology


These same psychological tactics can be employed in the job interview, giving you the upper hand. Here are 5 different influencing style you can adopt in your next job interview




Below you can also access 101 Interview Questions and techniques to Influence the Job Interview. Good luck with your next job interview.

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We respond to authority.


By being seen as an authority in your sector you will gain compliance from the interviewer. Being assertive, stating, insisting that your ideas and suggestions will have a positive outcome once employed people to your authority.


Most of us are sheep, and like to be sheep. Being a commanding Sheppard, herd the interviewer(s) to the pen of your choosing.






The best sales people convince us that there product is the best product, even if it means spending a little more


Put forward your ideas and offer logical, rational reasons to convince the job interviewer of your point of perspective. Once the interviewer is won over with one idea they are more likely to agree to other ideas due to the psychological law of compliance. This is why great sales people not only sell one good, they also up sell to their customers





An interview is a two way conversation.


As with all debates there are two sides to every story. If you the interviewee states one fact, suggestion or idea and the interview has another viewpoint you can easily create friction, even fall out.


The secret to winning people over is negotiation. Look for compromises and find the middle ground


Relationship Building


A great communicator is someone who can build strong relationships with a complete stranger


No where is this more important then the job interview situation. Use common interest, your tone, facial expressions, body language, everything to build rapport. People will often favor people more that they like. This means that your interview answers will gain more points if the interviewer likes you as a person, compared to someone who takes an initial dislike.



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Inspire Imagination 


Humans are goal setters


Often interviewees talk about past successes – this is good to a point. To really influence the interview, explain how your skills and past experiences will make an impact in the future within their organisation. Find future possibilities  that will inspire the interviewer, show them how you will increase profit, create new business and save on overheads. Give them a positive future vision.



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