Why You Should Act As Though You Already Have The Job

There is a psychology to job interviews that many people are unaware about


By accessing the interviewers subconcious mind you can influence the job interview outcome. One key psychology of persuasion that is always in play is the psychology of authority – people are more likely to be persuaded by someone they see as an authoritarian



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 Why You Should Act As Though You Already Have The Job


In the job interview, the interviewer has the power. This is because you, the interviewee, want something from them – the job offer!


Actually this is untrue, it is you the interviewee with the power because the interviewer wants something from you – your skills and experience. Remember you have been asked to interview from, on average, 300 applicants. They like you, they want you.


You have the power and you can exploit this to increase the number of job offers you receive


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Act As An Authority 


In the job interview you need to be the master of the industry, or at lest be seen as the master


Quote industry regulations, industry policies, industry advancements and new technology and state industry declines and barriers.  


Build on what the employer states. As an example if they discuss a new piece of industry technology or a development idea, explain where this idea has come from or where the technology has advance from. Also give the pro’s and con’s to key statements.


This will help you create an identity as an industry expert. Once a powerful identity has been established, whatever you state next will be taken as the truth – because we believe what experts say. This includes when you explain how you will be best suited for the role




Take Work Away From Them


Basically, we employ new staff members because there is to much work


To build on your authority, explain how you will be able to complete the task, project, company objective without needing to create more work for the employer


When the employer is discussing the role and/or job duties, reference how you have worked successfully on a similar task and what you will do to make this new task a success.


You can also reference previous mistakes, explaining the lessons learnt (this creates the task objective to be harder then they may have previously believe which creates a subconscious desire to hire an expert – you!)



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Act as if you Already Have the Job


Throughout the job interview you need to act as if you already have the job.


When giving an interview answer, the mind creates images of that answer – the interviewer will imagine you doing whatever it is you say you are doing


By tweaking they way you word your answers you can create stronger emotional images of you working collaborative with the employer in a success manner.


Change “I would do…” to “I will” – this creates images of you working for the organisation.

Change “I” to “we” to create the thought of collaboration – this works great when talking about future successes  “…by doing X we will be successful”

Explain what you will add to the team “by using my knowledge of X I will achieve Y within 2-3 months”


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