Why Confidence Is Key in the Job Interview

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Why Confidence Is Key in the Job Interview


Confidence equals charisma and a charismatic interviewee is the one who steals the job offer


Don’t ever underestimation the power of a confident interviewee.   Confidence is the packing for your gift and your gift of course is your unique selling point. People admire confidence, are spellbound by charisma and are naturally persuaded  by those who ooze self esteem.


This article will teach you how to increase your job interview confidence, confidence that will win you the job offer.



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Job Interview Confidence #1


Confidence is  an emotional state. The naturally state for most in the job interview, is anxiety.


This technique is quick and powerful, and will spin your anxiety into the feeling of extreme confidence


First think about being in a job interview. As you imagine this situation, focus on the feeling of anxiety inside of you. Notice where this anxious feeling originates from in your body; your stomach, feet, chest, head


As you focus on this feeling of anxiety you will feel it move inside of you, you will feel it spinning. Imagine you can see this spinning feeling and give it a colour.


Imagine pushing the feeling externally. See it spinning in front of you.


Flip this spinning feeling back on itself so it spins in the opposite direction, spin it faster and faster, faster still until it changes colour.


Once it changes colour, push it back inside of you replacing the old feeling. Spin it faster and faster inside of you until you start to feel the feeling of confidence spreading throughout the whole of your body.


Do this before your job interview and you will double your job interview confidence




Job Interview Confidence #2


All job interview coaches will tell you to use examples and stories to sell your skills and unique selling points. This is a great strategy to adopt.


Using stories has a confident side effect, it makes you feel more confident. Anxious interviewees have an external perspective, they focus on the employers reaction. By using stories you will naturally go inside yourself, imagining the event from your own eyes as you dictate the story-line.


When you have this internal focus your fear evaporates and you focus on the emotions attached to the story – which will be positive as the story or example will be one of you being at your best




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Job Interview Confidence #3

Put yourself into awkward situations


Confidence comes from familiarity. This is why most people are anxious in job interviews, this random activity – the job interview,  is so uncommon that your frame of reference is one of fear. By making, being the focus of attention, a common experience, you eradicate the fear through exposure.


Attend public speaking groups, approach and talk to strangers, go to speed dating, as for directions…anything to get you speaking more. To key skills you will want to learn and develop is improv speaking and debating


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