How Persuasive Interviewees Get There Point Across

How Persuasive Interviewees Get There Point Across


The job interview is all about getting your point of view across.


The successful job interviewee can persuade, influence and manipulate  the interviewer so they are seen as the ideal candidate to offer the job too. This doesn’t mean you have to lie, instead it means that to be successful in a job interview you need to learn the key skills persuasive people use to get there point across


Below you can also access 101 Interview Questions and techniques to Influence the Job Interview. Good luck with your next job interview.

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The Listen and Repeat Method


To persuade a stranger, your interviewer you need to know what they value, what makes them tick, what criteria (skills, experience, work ethic) is important to them. If you answer you interview questions quoting facts and examples that they deem important they will not only listen to you more intently bit they will build rapport with you.


Often the unsuccessful interviewee doesn’t understand why they didn’t get offered the position. Throughout the interview they answered all the questions, gave examples and smiled. The problem is not everyone thinks that things you deem important, are important to them. If I was going to sell you a holiday, I could discuss the sandy beeches where you can relax, the pool where you can chill out, the quite restaurants where you can eat peacefully. Sounds nice? Not if your looking for a holiday adventure, with actives everyday and dangerous around each corner.


To persuade in the job interview listen to what the interviewer discusses, pick up if they are a goal setter or problem solver, if they value profit over quality, if the preference staff with creativity or a rule follower. Once you understand what the employer values you can quote this during the job interview, making all your interview answers more relevant



Saying Little, Can Say a Lot


The nervousness interviewee is known to chatter on.


An over-talker not only confuses the interviewer but lets slip their weaknesses. By having a structure to your interview answer will keep you on point. You can open by stating how you have the desired criteria and follow this up with an example.


During the example you want to add a little intrigue, as this will get the interviewer asking you questions. By getting the interviewer to ask you questions helps not only build rapport but gets them seeing you as an authority. You back up what you are saying with facts and figures, and even ask the interviewer their opinion, turning the interview into a conversation.


This is how people persuade with conversation by getting you to ask them, the persuader, to talk more. Always end your original answer with intrigue, allowing the interviewer an opportunity to  ask you questions



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Find Common Ground


The key to interview success is likability


People are more easily persuaded when they like you. This is why the listen and repeat rule is key. If the interviewer is talking about goals and objectives and you, with enthusiasm, join in the conversation, stating how having goals, milestones and objectives motivates you to be your best you will both find a connection.


It doesn’t even matter what the common ground is as long as you can find something that makes the interviewer connect to you.

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