10 Rules to Influence the Job Interview

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10 Rules to Influence the Job Interview


By the time you have been asked to interview the employer already knows your skill base, employment history and qualifications. What they want to uncover in the interview are 3 key objectives. 1. Will you fit in with the team 2. What value can you add to the company 3. What type of person are you


The 73 rules for influencing the interview will help you create a powerful persona, that exerts authority, confidence and   desire. These simple rules, once followed will give your interview power, its not just about manipulating the interview its more important to create liking , want and to create a persona that the interviewer can’t be without.


Some rules focus on getting inside the interviewers head so you understand what makes them tick, while other rules teach how to use language to make powerful impressions. We have included rules to boost confidence and never discussed rules to turn around negative opinions, to change the employers opinion on other applicants and even dark techniques that will turn other interviewees into nervous wrecks.


The 73 rules take you on a journey to use the power of your mind to influence, to use your body language, words and tone to manipulate and to uses psychology and hypnotic techniques that creates a lasting positive memory ensuring the interviewer will never forget you.


We have summarized the 73 rules into 10 rules to influence the interview.

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Research has shown that 90% of successful interviewees spend between 7-8 hours preparing for the job interview, whereas 90% of unsuccessful interviewees only spend on average 30-40 minutes preparing 


 10 Rules to Influence the Job Interview



Rule 1 Influence with Sales Psychology




Have an endgame in mind. Many people walk in to job interviews hoping for the best. This strategy is pointless and only leads to interview disappointment. Create a strategy and use your unique selling point to crush the competition.




If you only have one competition for an internal promotion, your end game will be to subtly undermine their position.  For positions where you lack experience, your end game is to create likeness, commonality and attractiveness or to focus on a key selling point such as a unique skill or rare qualification.  For highly competitive roles your end game is to be seen as invaluable.




With an endgame in mind you can create an aura of power, by understanding the employers desires before offering it to them on a plate. Your unique selling point will make you be seen as pure gold and you will easily influence the interviewer with your passion.




Rule 2 The Expert Interview




Become an Authority. We believe people who are seen as experts and take their word as gospel. Quoting key facts, discussing researched data, giving case studies and talking using industry acronyms will create the cloak of authority.




Once seen as a person in power the interviewer will believe anything you say, they will be eating out of your hand, dancing to your tunes. From this perspective, offer advice and ideas, ask the interviewers opinions  and both agree and disagree. Make them desire you, want to please and increase your popularity by offering praise on recent business successes.




Rule 3 Command Confidence




Confidence Equals Power. Only the strong are respected to increase your confidence you need to change your perception of the interview. Imagine you are powerful and you will feel powerful, as the weak act weak and strong at strong.




If your visualise yourself failing the interview, simply pause that internal movie and move the image in your head further and further away until you no longer see it. Create a new film, and as direct cast yourself as a confident, powerful and persuasive individual because if you imagine yourself strong and self assured you will feel strong self assured.




Use tonality, gestures, body language and silences to create power. Confident speakers control the stage, confident interviewees control the interview.




Rule 4 Sneaky Interview Tricks




Disarm The Interviewer. A god like voice, confident body language that creates a positive persona and a powerful handshake  is unconsciously pick up by the interviewer within seconds of meeting you, creating an unbreakable perception of you as a powerful individual who requires respect.




Unknown techniques to recall detailed information, facts and figures when asked on the spot questions, allows you to answer confidently without a break in conversation, boosting your reputation further.




Rule 5 Mind Read the Employer




The Body is an Open Book. Information leaks out of the interviewer without them having any knowledge. A certain gesture, the direction of the glaze as they discuss a project or even a particular word can give you the clues to influence on an individual level.




Once mastered understanding the interviewer more than they do themselves will lead to easy manipulation, allowing you to build rapport effortlessly which increase the potential of job offers. Each technique alone is powerful, but combined creates an unstoppable force.


 Interview questions and answers


Rule 6 Persuasion Through Personality


Mastering Motivational Personality Persuasion. We all have motivational and stress indicators. By understanding the personality type of your interviewer you will understand how to create motivation in you by matching what their natural preference to create strong rapport.


Rule 7 Interview Questions and Presentations


Only a Fool Underestimates The Power of Knowledge. Being able to predict the interview question, allows you to create powerful interview answers structured to create a persuasive message.  Using a 3 step process each interview answer can add a powerful punch and an emotional response that creates a lasting memory.


Using persuasion loops, building suspense and delivering energetic presentations leaves the audience wanting more.


Rule 8 Interview Arrival


First Impressions Count. Just as actors set the stage to give you untold information allowing you to understand the scene, the influential interviewee can set a persuasive seen, especially when the receptionist is primed to sell you to the employer.


Lasting impressions are made in seconds, the right look, introduction and smile can be a winning formula.


Rule 8 Rapport the Key to Success


Likeability Will Affect the Interview Outcome.  The obvious and unused technique to influence the job interview is creating likability through commonality, as people like others who are like themselves.  Discussing commonalities, past successes and future ambitions creates emotional desire.


Agreeing with others knocks down walls, from this vantage point you can lead the employer through a series of rapport building techniques and influential language until they are agreeing with everything you are saying.




Rule 9 Persuasive and Influential Language Patterns


Make Demands By Secretly Hiding Them In Conversation. Language is a key part of persuasion. The right word can create pain or pleasure, it can gain compliance and agreement,  you can turn interviews into “yes” men and when secretly done, language can be used to suggest that the employer offers you the job.


Influential language works when delivered unaware, the cocky wanna be influencer can easily get carried away undoing the hard work. Be discreet patient and only when the time is right, sneakily add the persuasive language pattern into conversations.


Rule 10 Winning Job Interviews


The Power of an Interview is Unbalanced. Take control of the interview from the start, increase authority and switch around the balance of power. Handle negativity masterfully and reframe unwanted opinions. Use your performance to create a powerful show, and when the employer wants more take it away from them increasing desire.

Always end as you started with manipulation in mind, and never wait for the interview to discover your weaknesses, stamp them out pre-interview increasing your persuasive ability.      Interview Preparation Resources






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