3 Body Language Tricks to Make The Interviewer See You As Confident

3 Body Language Tricks to Make The Interviewer See You As Confident


Confidence in the job interview is everything.


Even if you feel nervous you need to, externally show confidence


These clever body language tricks will help convince any job interview that you are one hell of a confident interviewee




Below you can also access 101 Interview Questions and techniques to Influence the Job Interview. Good luck with your next job interview.

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Job Interview Confidence Trick 1



This visualization trick is used by actors



As you walk into the interview room, the interviewer will look up from his desk and make an opinion about your level of confidence from your posture


To create a positive posture, imagine that there is a piece of string dangling from the door frame of the interview room. It is long enough to touch the very top of your head. As you walk through the doorway, imagine lifting your head and straitening your back, so your head just reaches the bottom of the string.


This will help you to create a confidence looking posture, influencing the job interview




Job Interview Confidence Trick 2


Is that Dave? God i’ve not seen you since school



Whenever you meet an old friend who you havent seen in ages, you instantly smile, a big bright smile.



A big smile makes the friend feel warm and specially. When in an interview situation, wait until you walk through the doorway and then smile a big bright smile at the interviewer, imagine that the interviewer is an old friend. This smile will create rapport, likability and you will be seen as positive, approachable and confident


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Job Interview Confidence Trick 3

Talk with your hands


Nervous and shy people keep there hands down their sides, it’s as if they want to make themselves look small, unnoticeable.


Confident people will express themselves and communicate with words and gestures. Don’t only does a person who talks with their hands increase communication they look more confident and relaxed



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