3 Questions Never to Ask In a Job Interview

3 Questions Never to Ask in a Job Interview



The one question all interviewees are asked, no matter what the job sector or the position you are applying for is, “do you have any questions for me?” This is a crucial time for any interviewee, and you must ask at least 2 intelligent questions


But people can be stupid. This stupidity comes out in the questions they ask their interviewer. Here are 3 questions you should never ask a potential employer



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Questions You Should Never Ask an Interviewer


“do the team socialise after work?”


Questions relating to external work activities are a big no, no. The interview is a workplace discussion, any questions relating to meeting up in a bar, going for weekends away or any social activities can leave a question in the employers mind about what you value


Employers look for employees who value work over play, an employee who cares for the role, someone who puts the organisation first.


Ask question instead on the company projection, new potential contracts or investments. Ask them about the future of the business not the business of socialising


Questions You Should Never Ask an Interviewer


“how do i get your job?”


People wrongly believe that all employers want you to be ambitious. The truth is, employers want you to be dedicated not ambitious. Think about imagine interviewing a highly skilled worker who you know wants your job, would you recruit them, potentially putting your position in jeopardy


Instead ask questions of personal development opportunistic, internal training and how you can showcase your innovative ideas



Questions You Should Never Ask an Interviewer


“What package can you offer me?”


You do need to ask about the offer, as your salary is a key factor when deciding if you should take the offered position or not. But you need to wait for the job offer before negotiations


Again, employers want an individual who thinks about the position, the company, the business. They can be easily put off someone with all the required skills and experiences if they believe they only care about what they can get from the deal


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