3 Rules to Maximize Your Job Interview

3 Rules to Maximize Your Job Interview 


The best candidate doesn’t get the job.


Just because you have the experience, qualifications and skills required for the advertised role is the reason why you get offered the position. Your ability to stand out in the job interview is key to securing more job offers.


To be offered more job positions you need to follow these 3 rules



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Job Interview Rule 1 – Having a Unique Selling Point


People wrongly believe that because they have 10 years experience and several industry qualifications, along with a great work ethic that they should be guaranteed the position.


But everyone offered to interview has met the job criteria, which means to stand out you need a unique selling point


  • Re-read the job spec and record which key skill, duty or quality is the most desirable by the employer (think about skills that you have that others don’t) 
  • Find evidence from past employment/projects where this key skill, duty or quality was used by yourself to successfully achieve a major achievement 
  • During the job interview discuss the key skill, duty or quality – discuss both past successes and how you will you use this skill, duty or quality once employed 





Job Interview Rule 2 – Perfection Through Practice


To be an expert in anything takes repetition and practice.


We rarely attend interviews and as with any new experience or skill, we sometimes fluke it but often we make many mistakes. The key rule to interview success is practice, practice and practice


  • Read the job spec and turn each desired  criteria into an interview question
  • Record an answer per question and when you can add your unique selling point to the answer
  • Rehearse both the questions and answers over and over again until you discuss your unique selling point without having to refer to your notes


Interview questions and answers


Job Interview Rule 3 – Reflect, Record and Redesign 


To become an interview expert, which means that you can successfully pass interviews that offer higher salaries you need to learn from each job interview.


  • After each interview reflect and record each interview question and answer
  • Rate each question and answer between 1-10
  • With answer that rate below 7 redesign the interview answer 



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