3 Sales Tactics You Can Use To Influence the Job Interview

3 Sales Tactics You Can Use To Influence the Job Interview


There is no denying it; the interview is essentially, a sales pitch.


Each applicant has 45 minutes to sell themselves to the interviewer. The interviewer is influenced by the candidates and they will always hire the most persuasive interviewee – the one that they believe is the best fit for the job


Each interviewee has met the job criteria and all will have similar experiences, qualifications and skills. The interview stage is a platform to up-sell yourself so you are seen as being more valuable than the other interviewees


Everyone sells themselves at the interview and you will all influence the interviewer – the difference is, for some this is a conscious act and for all others this action is unconscious.


Your words, your body language, your tone, pace of voice, your selling point and the structure of your answers, all influence the interview, by selling you – the package, to the interviewer.



Below you can also access 101 Interview Questions and techniques to Influence the Job Interview. Good luck with your next job interview.


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The Honey Trap



People like to buy from people they like. Sales reps will increase likability by taking their customers out for expensive meals, buy them football tickets and treat them like royalty. The Honey Trap is an idea that works at the psychological level; the positive experience from the events is associated to the sales rep creating a strong bond, which increases sales.


Sales reps will use flattery to increase the emotional connection between them and their customer, they will sweet-talk to increase rapport and find common ground to build up their friendship.


The Honey Trap in the Job Interview


The job interview isn’t the place to offer to take the interviewer out for an expensive meal. Instead you need to use other tactics to build a strong bond, to increase likability and to create rapport.


The key rule to increase rapport is to be seen as being similar to the interviewer as people like others who are like themselves and to create an emotional connection between you and the interviewer


  • Mirror the interviewers body language and gestures
  • Use a similar tonality and pace as to that of the interviewer
  • Parrot phrase the words the interviewer uses
  • Smile throughout the interview as studies show how a smile increases positive emotions of the person looking at you
  • Ask the interviewer questions about their work ethic, values and style of working and throughout the interview make reference to how you have the same approach/work ethic/values



You Can’t Have It So You Want It More


Auctions and E-bay use a key sales tactic to increase the value of products by making them scarce. When looking at a product you add a value to it, as the auction nears its end, your value for the product increase because you become afraid of missing out.


Retail “sales” work in the same way “20% off this weekend only” People flood to sales because they don’t want to miss out on a bargain.


Scarcity in the Job Interview


You can’t offer “20% off” in the job interview but you can increase your worth by being seen as a scarce commodity.


You first have to build up your value in terms of what you can offer the employer. To stand out in the job interview you need have a Unique Selling Point.


Your USP is something that you can offer that others can’t, that will make a big impact on the company. For some this could include bringing a list of valuable clients with you or skilled at turning around under-performing teams or 95% record of winning expensive tenders.


The USP will help you to stand out; employers will understand how this will positively impact on their business model and how without you their potential profit margins will decrease.


Once the employer is hooked, you need to let slip how competitive companies are interested in you; how you have been offered job interviews, been head hunter or how you are in the process of deciding whether or not to take a recent job offer


If the interviewer desire for you has peaked and within a few seconds they realise that you may slip through their fingers, they will want you more.


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The Rule of 7


Coke-a-Cola and other famous brands are successful due to their marketing campaign. You can’t go through a day without seeing at least 7 coke-a-cola advertisements, when you want a cold drink, your frame of reference is coke-a-cola.


Job Interviews and The Rule of 7


You need to use the same process in the job interview. Think about 3 key USP and/or skills that you can offer the employer, your main strengths, the reason why you, not the other interviewees should be offered the position.


Your USP have to be relevant to the job role/company.


In each interview answer, refer to one your USP. When the interviewer thinks back to your interview there frame of reference will be your USP and how you will add value to the company


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