3 Steps to Successfully Sell You in the Job Interview

3 Steps to Successfully Sell You in the Job Interview


There is a simple process in any sales technique that increases the amount you sell to customers and this same technique can be used in the job interview.


First you need to know your customer – in our case the interviewer. Then you have to uncover their needs/wants and finally explain how the product (in the job interview you are the product) will match their needs


Rapport – Needs – Match


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Step 1 Build Rapport and Get to know the Interviewer


The more you understand the interviewers personality trait, their values, work ethic, what motivates and stresses them, the way they approach task, if they are goal ordinated or problem solvers, their management style and the traits they deem important in an employee the better you can sell to them


  • Check the employers linked in profile
  • Ask questions at the interview start to undercover their values
  • Listen to the language they use as this uncovers their personality and motivational traits


People like people who are like themselves. If you show that you have a similar work ethic, approach to task and motivational traits you will build instant rapport.


To build on this rapport, mirror the interviewers body language, gestures and speech as research has shown has this increases likeness.




Step 2 Uncovering the Employers Needs


Uncovering the employers needs is the key to interview success. Once you know what they require you can offer it up to them on a silver platter.


The technique to uncover their needs is simple – ask them!


At the interview start when the employer is asking opening questions to put you at ease, explaining the company vision to inspire you and as the interviewer walks you to the interview meeting room, find a suitable opportunity and ask the interviewer “what type of person they are looking to recruit”


Interviewers will happily release this information as they want to find the best match. Once know all you have to do is explain how you have these traits and skills



Interview questions and answers


Step 3 A Full Platter


Your competition will sell themselves throughout the job interview


To sell effectively you have to frame your answers by discussing the perspective the buyer (interviewer) is interested in.


Using the rule of 7, mention how you can deliver and meet their needs throughout all your interview answers, discussing your unique selling point at least 7 times during the interview.


Familiarity sells – by discussing the same successful point in a variety of ways throughout the interview the interviewer will associate this key selling point (how you meet their needs) with your interview



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